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Nation Commander Stronghold


Force Required

  • Fleet of 20 - 21 pilots (up to 30 in low/null)
  • 3 - 4 logistics needed
  • 5 - 10 snipers needed
  • Sites take about 10 - 20 minutes

Military Information

Your objective is to locate the Nation commander and assassinate them. Once you have separated the commander from the rest of the Sansha fleet they will scatter and flee.

Background Information

Intelligence and other supporting evidence have revealed that this facility is being used as a rally point for senior capsuleer commanders within Sansha's Nation. When one of these leaders is killed in combat or their forces routed by capsuleer counterattack, this is where they are re-cloned, and where they retreat to. In light of this functionality, the strategic value of these outposts must be considered. By directly attacking the nexus of pro-Nation leadership, capsuleers will be able to limit the level of coordination and efficiency amongst attack squads. Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0079. DED Special Operations. Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.


Below is a list of enemies that spawn in this site.

NameSig (m)Speed (m/s)Orbit (km) / Speed (m/s)EWarDamage (dps) / Volley (hp)Range (km)EHP (x1000)
Antem Neo184135060 / 205-168 / 840146-17688
Arnon Epithalamus215130050 / 210Jam164 / 90011365
Auga Hypophysis32511006 / 170Scram / Web480 / 240012-2052
Citizen / Slave54085012 / 118Scram / Neut / Painter818 / 450045179
Deltole Tegmentum54085012 / 118Scram / Neut / Paint818 / 450045179
Eystur Rhomben49336011 / 560-120 / 60010-129
Intake Colliculus32098050 / 140RR Shield120 / 60010-129
Mara Paleo65205060 / 310RR Shield--30
Niarja Myelen53276015 / 405Jam / Neut--4
Ostingele Tectum53085040 / 118-528 / 264045-65290
Renym Meten3325509 / 410Web192 / 96010-129
Romi Thalamus200152018 / 205-320 / 160023-33106
Schmaeel Medulla36400012 / 640Scram / Web50 / 25212-209
Tama Cerebellum39210012 / 355Scram300 / 2700708
Yulai Crus Cerebi40080060 / 118-397 / 1984160-210118

At the end of the site you'll have several other ships potentially spawning:

NameSig (m)Speed (m/s)Orbit (km) / Speed (m/s)EWarDamage (dps) / Volley (hp)Range (km)EHP (x1000)
Outuni Mesen40079018 / 110Scram / Neut / Web352 / 176045-65215
Vylade Dien42217060 / 170Combat Booster--275


This is a generic kill order that works no matter what fleet you're running. Certain special doctrines or fleet compositions could change some things in order to optimize their fleet efficiency, so this isn't necessarily the only kill order, but it works. As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot shoot the highest priority target due to low damage projection, move on to the next target you can actually hit. Just remember to switch back to a higher priority target if it moves into range later on.

#Targets for the entire fleetReason
Regular TargetsSniper TargetsSmall Targets
1Citizen / SlaveKilling the Citizen / Slave when it spawns ends the site
2Arnon EpithalamusNiarja MyelenThe Arnons and Niarjas because they jam
3Auga HypophysisMara PaleoTama CerebellumAugus because they web and warp disrupts and have weak tanks, Deltoles because they neut, target paints and warp disrupts. The Mara before the Intaki because they have stronger reps and less hit points. Tamas due to their high damage and warp disruption, then Schmaeel before Renyn due to its ability to warp disrupt in addition to webbing.
Deltole TegmentumIntaki ColliculusSchmaeel Medulla
--Renyn Meten
4Ostingele TectumYulai Crus CerebiEystur RhombenOstingeles before Romis as they are easier to hit and do more damage. Yulais before Antems as they are easier to hit and do more damage. Eysturs pose no specific threat.
Romi ThalamusAntem Neo-


The last enemy killed triggers the next wave, so there is no risk of accidentally triggering the next wave before you finish your current one. The only exception is the Citizen / Slave, see below.

Special Requirements

  • This site requires you to have snipers in your fleet.
    • Able to lock and apply good damage up to 120 km
  • This site benefits greatly from having an anchor.
    • A ship people can anchor up on to stay together
  • Focus on the Citizen / Slave in the end.
    • The remainder of the last wave will warp off


Several ships in the first wave will initially sit at sniper ranges up to 160 km away from where you land. They will approach you however, and in combination with your fleet moving further into the site it's not critical to have a lock range of 150 km. Having just 120 km will be doable, even if you'll initially have to wait a little for things to come into range.


In order to keep the fleet together, everyone within remote shield booster range and so forth. Appoint someone to be your anchor then have the rest of the fleet anchor up on him and use keep at range 2,500 m to make sure they always remain with the anchor (except logistics who would orbit at 5,000 m instead to avoid bumping fleet members). That way only the anchor needs to know where to move and the rest of the fleet would follow suit.
As for where to go, the Snake Shaped Asteroid is a good compromise for a fleet without propulsion modules. If you approach it until you're within 10 km from it, you'll be in a good position for all the remaining spawns.

Citizen / Slave

Killing the Citizen / Slave that spawns in the fifth and final wave will finish the site and force the remaining forces to warp off. As such there is no need to focus on any other ships in the last wave, just kill the commander as quickly as possible and be done with it. The commander will be named either Citizen Astur, Slave 32152, Slave Endoma01, Slave Heavenbound02 or Slave Tama01. It is identical to the Deltole Tegmentum in all but the name.

Hints & Tips

  • There are five waves in this site, identifiable by the Yulai Crus Cerebi in the first wave, Ostingele Tectums in the second, Antem Neos in the third, Arnon Epithalamus in the fourth and the Citizen / Slave in the fifth and final wave.
    • The first wave spawns 160 km from the beacon, behind the Snake Shaped Asteroid to the right.
    • The second wave spawns 60 km from the beacon, between the L-shaped buildings and the Snake Shaped Asteroid.
    • The third wave spawns 150 km from the beacon, behind the Snake Shaped Asteroid to your left.
    • The fourth wave spawns 20 km from the beacon, a little to the right.
    • The fifth and final wave spawns 50 km from the beacon, to the right side of the L-shaped buildings.
    • The different waves are slightly randomised. The same type of ships will spawn in each wave, but the number of each is randomised. So you will encounter the same type of ships in each site, but the number of ships per type in each individual wave will be slightly different. There will only be one Citizen / Slave however.
  • Moving is not strictly required in this site, but it helps a lot. See Anchor above for an example of how you can move into a more preferred position near the Snake Shaped Asteroid. Should you sit still near the beacon the distance to the first and third wave would remain 150+ km off.
  • Remember to keep an eye on your capacitor if you have prolonged attention from a bunch of Deltole Tegmentums. While their individual neuting is rather small, it adds up. The same goes if you get a lot of Outuni Mesen spawning in the end, along with the Citizen / Slave.
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