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Exploration Combat Sites

Combat Sites that are tracked as Cosmic Signatures are more complex than Cosmic Anomalies: indeed, they are complexes! Complexes are EVE’s version of “dungeons”. They are made up of several “rooms” of space connected by Acceleration Gates, and they frequently have containers filled with great loot. Of course, they are also guarded by large numbers of NPC ships.

Cosmic Signature Combat Sites come in two general flavors, both of which are more difficult than the equivalent Cosmic Anomaly site:

While the High-Sec PvE Combat frigate listed above might be able to clear the 1/10 difficulty version of these Combat Sites, you’re probably better off fielding a separate, combat-oriented ship to deal with them. Just probe down the site’s location, save it as a bookmark by right-clicking on it, then pilot a bigger, angrier ship in and enjoy! Or make friends by sharing the bookmark with others, and letting them run the combat site.

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