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The Naglfar is based on a Matari design believed to date back to the earliest annals of antiquity. While the exact evolution of memes informing its figure is unclear, the same distinctive vertical monolith form has shown up time and time again in the wind-scattered remnants of Matari legend.

Boasting an impressive versatility in firepower options, the Naglfar is capable of holding its own against opponents of all sizes and shapes. While its defenses don't go to extremes as herculean as those of its counterparts, the uniformity of resilience - coupled with the sheer amount of devastation it can dish out - make this beast an invaluable addition to any fleet.

Helpful Information

To fly capitals, get capital pings and capital SRP you must be in the Capitals group.

The Naglfar has a sub-par tank but does the most damage. It is also vertical, which makes up for any and all of it's short comings.


Minmatar Dreadnought bonuses (per skill level):

  • 5% bonus to Capital Projectile Turret damage
  • 5% bonus to Capital Projectile Turret rate of fire
  • 5% bonus to Shield Booster cycle time

Role Bonus:

  • Can fit Siege modules
  • 5x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time


  • Capital Ships I
    • Advanced Spaceship Command V
      • Spaceship Command V
  • Minmatar Dreadnought I
    • Capital Ships III
      • Advanced Spaceship Command V
        • Spaceship Command V
    • Minmatar Battleship III
      • Spaceship Command IV
      • Minmatar Battlecruiser III
        • Spaceship Command III
        • Minmatar Cruiser III
          • Spaceship Command II
          • Minmatar Destroyer III
            • Minmatar Frigate III
              • Spaceship Command I
    • Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration I
      • Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
        • Weapon Upgrades V
          • Gunnery II
  • Jump Drive Operation I
    • Navigation V
    • Warp Drive Operation V
      • Navigation I
    • Science V

Non Reimbursable Fits

NONE AVAILABLE – Feel free to make one and add it, or contact someone in the wiki-office channel in the Discord for help.

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