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One of the most ferocious war vessels to ever spring from Gallente starship design, the Brutix is a behemoth in every sense of the word. When this hard-hitting monster appears, the battlefield takes notice.

Helpful Information


Gallente Battlecruiser bonuses (per skill level):

  • 10% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage
  • 7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer amount

Role Bonus:

  • Can use one Command Burst module
  • 25% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret optimal range and falloff
  • 50% bonus to Command Burst area of effect range


  • Gallente Battlecruiser I
    • Spaceship Command III
    • Gallente Cruiser III
      • Spaceship Command II
      • Gallente Destroyer III
        • Gallente Frigate III
          • Spaceship Command I

Non Reimbursable Fits

NONE AVAILABLE – Feel free to make one and add it, or contact someone in the wiki-office channel in the Discord for help.

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