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Before you can loot containers at Exploration sites you will have to hack them in a mini-game. It may look complex at first but the rules are quite simple and are easily figured out.

Approaching containers

Look for the containers on your Overview. They should show up with little white diamond symbols next to them. If you don't see them, check your Overview settings or - if you use a custom Overview Pack, like SaraShawa's - check the presets.

When you see them approach the nearest one, target it and activate your Data Analyzer or Relic Analyzer, depending on what kind of site you are at. This step can be repeated for all full containers on the site (white diamonds are full, outlined diamonds are empty).

Hacking containers

The actual hacking begins when your Analyzer finished one full circle on a target. A new window will appear containing a grid of triangles and possibly a few lines connecting multiple dots. The size of the grid depends on the difficulty of the container.

You have two attempts at hacking. If you fail the first time you get another chance. If you fail this one as well, the container will explode and become unavailable.

You start out at a random dot/Node in the grid. This is the one Node your Virus controls at the start. You can access all connected dots from ones you already have under control. Your goal is to find the Node that contains the System Core, which you have to successfully hack to open the container. On your way to it you may encounter obstacles and bonuses. Use the following chart to identify them.

Image Name Group Description
Virus Player This is your hero during Hacking. It represents your Health ('Coherence', orange) and Strength (red). Strength is how much damage you do to Security Systems. Your health needs to stay above 0, else the hack fails
Explored Node Node This is a Node you explored and infected already. The Node you start at will look like this
Explorable Node Node This is a Node having a direct connection to one of your infected Nodes which gives you access to it
Unexplorable Node Node This is a Node you can not yet explore, because there is no direct connection or a security program is blocking access
Data Cache Node A Data Cache can be opened by clicking it and can contain a Utility Subsystem. or reveal a Security System. These are best left alone until you have no other option
Self repair Utility Subsystem Heals you for the next three turns/clicks
Kernel Rot Utility Subsystem Lowers the Security System's health it targets by 50%
Polymorphic Shield Utility Subsystem Shields against any damage for two turns/clicks
Secondary Vector Utility Subsystem Use it on a Security System to deal 20 damage for three turns/click, adding up to a total of 60 damage
Firewall Security System Has high health, but deals low damage. Locks all Nodes with a direct connection to it.
Antivirus Security System Has low health, but deals high damage. Locks all Nodes with a direct connection to it. Best countered by Polymorphic Shield
Restoration Node Security System Very high health, deals very low damage. Increases health of every other uncovered Security System per turn and as such should be destroyed as soon as possible. Locks all Nodes with a direct connection to it. Best countered by Kernel Rot
Virus Suppressor Security System Average health, low damage. Decreases your Strength down to 10. Locks all Nodes with a direct connection to it. Best countered by Secondary Vector
System Core Security System Your main target, but still a Security System. Average to high health, average damage. The System Core is the only Security System not affected by Restoration Node's health increase. Destroying it results in a successful hack

Now that you know what may appear during hacking you can start clicking Nodes. When you click a Node one of the following things will happen:

Node turns orange and shows a number for a short time The number reveals the shortest path to reach the next Utility Subsystem, Data Cache or System Core. This number can be anywhere between 1 and 5, whereas '1' means that a Utility Subsystem, Data Cache or System Core is in one of the Nodes directly connected to the one you clicked
Node contains Utility Subsystem. You can carry three of those which will show up in the three slots below the grid. Each one can be clicked to be use on a Security System with the exception of the wrench ('Self repair') which works passively. You can also deactivate them by clicking them again
Node contains Data Cache Leave these alone until you have no other option any more, since they have a high risk of containing Security Systems
Node contains Security System With the exception of Restoration Nodes and the System Core, which you want to destroy asap, work around these and only take them out when you have no other options left

When you decide to attack a Security System You will deal damage first and receive counter-attack damage after that. This means that you can make your final blow on any Security System without taking counter-attack damage.

Work around the edges. Security systems will lock a maximum of seven Nodes, but only five or less when discovered on an edge.

Always remember that your main goal is discovering the System Core and destroying it.

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