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Jump Freighters Hauling


  1. Only jump from one friendly citadel to another when outside high security space. Never jump to a cyno beacon at a tower, or a cyno field lit at a tower or any other place besides a friendly citadel you can DOCK at. Always confirm this docking ability ahead of time if it is a allied citadel. Failing to do this can result in you getting pointed and webbed before you can align, or login trapped as they see you jump out to target. A hostile does NOT have to be in the target local to kill you. This is especially true if you have a set “route” that is predictable or just if they have a blue spy to watch you jump in. Cynoing to POS beacons is the #1 way JF's die in EVE.
  2. Regulate the amount of cargo value you carry. This is to avoid being suicide ganked high security space. You can eliminate this risk by just undocking and jumping straight out of Jita if you want, for the ultra paranoid. Then you can carry any value you want. In general, if flying through highsec, try to stay under 2b at most, but 1b is a better number.
  3. ALWAYS prescout citadels you will use. citadels should fit three criteria:
    • You must be able to make a “safe” cyno spot. This spot should be 5km from bumping the citadel, but still within dock range. It should further have another 5km beyond that still in dock range. You need 2 chars to test this easily. One char undocks and stops. Another char goes 5km from that char and stops. First char then goes 5km more away from friendly citadel past the second char. If that is in range, second char (still in the middle point) makes a bookmark. This is your cyno spot. This way you will never cyno bump off friendly citadel.
    • friendly citadel shouldn't require you to warp through it to get to your destinations like an exit gate to highsec. This is more for convenience. Tying into this, always check the exit gate's jump radius. Some gates have odd layouts when you consider orientation to the solar system, meaning they will OFTEN land you outside jump range (2500m) when you warp to them at 0. Check the exit gate 10-20 times with warps to see if this happens to you. It only takes once for it to get you whacked. Fortunately, these are fairly rare.
  4. ALWAYS make a good cyno spot. Don't be lazy and just undock and pop cyno with your alt. Make an insta undock for your cyno alt, and then warp back to your cyno bookmark at the citadel. This makes it mostly painless to keep this habit up. The first time you get a mega bump because you appeared inside the friendly citadel geometry when cynoing in, you will wish you had done this.
  5. Never use autopilot to warp you to 15km and slowboat to gates. Warp to 0 manually. One, this saves time, but two, makes it far less likely you will get randomly ganked. This is #5 because it is a fairly low risk event, and this rule can be broken if you are empty or low value cargo.

Jump Freighter Capacity

  • Amarr: Ark (275,625 m3)
  • Caldari: Rhea (294,375 m3)
  • Gallente: Anshar (281,250 m3)
  • Minmatar: Nomad (270,000 m3)

Since you need freighter IV to fly a Jump Freighter and they get 5% cargo per freighter level, the numbers are actually:

  • Amarr: Ark (330,750 m3)
  • Caldari: Rhea (353,250 m3)
  • Gallente: Anshar (337,500 m3)
  • Minmatar: Nomad (324,000 m3)

Jump Freighter Tips

Running a jump freighter is not dangerous when you follow the rules. If you break the rules, you will eventually die. Follow them and you will live forever.

  1. Always jump from friendly citadel to friendly citadel when in 0.0 or low-sec. Do not use mid-point locations that are not a citadel. So you are either cynoing from high-sec directly to a 0.0 friendly citadel or from a 0.0 friendly citadel to a low-sec citadel. Never ever cyno to a cyno beacon, that's where people will have traps waiting. Its so tempting, but don't fucking do it. That is the #1 rule people get lazy and break: instead of using a cyno alt, they use a beacon to cut corners, and they die.
  2. Never carry super valuable stuff all at once. Stay below 1 bil if possible. This will discourage people from suicide ganking you in high-sec. Always scout the .5 high-sec systems when carrying big cargo, too. If there is a big suicide gank fleet full of hurricanes waiting, you should probably not jump through.
  3. Always prescout citadels . You must make fucking sure there aren't bad guys at a friendly citadel. The only way you die to this should be if you really fuck up and don't notice the plated-out ship charging at you and you align to a highsec gate, anyway. If you are using correct citadels and paying attention, you are unkillable.
  4. Always make a good cynosural spot bookmark. The spot needs to be located so that you are sure a jump freighter that cynos in will not be ejected by the friendly citadel model and hurled into space. I usually use 2 chars for this: one that undocks and stops and another that goes 7km away into space. The undock character then goes 6km from that. If they are still in range, and you bookmark at the middle spot between them, a cyno there will never put you in the citadel. I use 2 characters over cans because cans poop out like 1.5km randomly from your location, and so you can't be 100% sure.
  5. Very important: when going back to highsec, always set your waypoint for the destination high-sec system and turn on autopilot as you are mid-warp to the gate. That way if you lag and bounce off your exit gate (or tab out of EVE) your autopilot will save you. It's insurance against laziness and accidentally bumping off the stargate.
  6. Always warp to 0 when moving in highsec, never rely on autopilot and slow-boating that 15km between gates. This should be the case even if the load carried is small.
  7. Never fly a TEST character into high-sec, even if it is just a single jump. Always swap the ship to a high-sec character in the low-sec citadel. It's really cumbersome, but if you don't want to die these are the things you do.


  • Basically you should never be in a situation in a jump freighter in 0.0 or lowsec that doesnt let you immediately either dock or jump.
  • Never align toward a highsec gate if someone is flying at you or acting threateningly.
  • When leaving Jita and carrying something valuable, jump directly out to a low-sec system rather than using any gates. If you have 3 bil worth of shit or more, this is probably a good idea.
  • Double-pack things to make them un-scannable by putting the stuff inside a container, then inside a courier contract to your hauling character. The goods inside it should not show up to cargo scanners.
  • Cyno chains: You need alts and lots of them. Cyno characters take about seven days to train. You login 3 chars at a shot each of your cyno chars light cynos at different spots, then the jump freighter bounces back and forth really fast. Dock for capacitor and to load/unload on each end, then jump back to the other cyno.
  • You can jump to VFK directly from highsec for super low effort once a day runs. Autopilot to a highsec system, jump directly to vfk, and drop loot. Unfortunately, the trip home requires a totally different low-sec point because cynos cannot be opened in high-sec.
  • Generally, you should always be docked, in dock range, or in warp to a gate or citadel.

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