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Drone Upgrades


Most drone modules fit into mid and low-slots, leaving the high-slots free for weapon or utility modules. All drone-enhancing modules affect both sub-capital and capital drones equally. Note that there are no implants which increase the performance of your drones.

Types of Drone Upgrades

High-slot modules

Increases your drone control range by 20km (24km for the Tech 2 variant). This module is particularly useful for sentry drones (allowing them to snipe distant targets), but less useful for other drones, as the travel time usually precludes using drones at long ranges.

Drone Control Unit

Can only be fitted to capital ships, and allows you to launch one extra drone. This module, combined with the skill bonuses that carriers and supercarriers get, allows you to field large numbers of drones at once.

Mid-slot modules

Drone Navigation Computer

Increases your drones' microwarpdrive (MWD) speed by 25% (30% for the Tech 2 variant). Note that this doesn't affect their non-MWD speed (i.e. it will help them reach a target faster, but won't help them while orbiting the target). This module is particularly useful for heavy and fighter drones, allowing them to better catch up to faster ships. Note that, before the Kronos expansion, this module gave a bonus to the thrust of drones' MWD, meaning that it principally affected light and medium drones.

Increases your drones' tracking speed and weapon range (optimal and falloff). Great for sentry drones, less used for other drones although it can still improve their damage application, especially if you use your drones against smaller ships than intended (e.g. medium combat drones versus frigates). Just like turret tracking computer modules, these can be loaded with scripts to double either the tracking or the range bonus, at the cost of eliminating the other bonus. Unlike low-slot Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer modules, they need to be activated to provide a benefit, and they need a little capacitor energy to run.

Low-slot modules

Drone Damage Amplifier

Increases the damage your drones deal by 16% (23% for the Tech 2 variant). Keep in mind that (just like other damage-enhancing modules) its effects are subject to stacking penalties; nonetheless, most dedicated drone ships will fit at least one of these modules.

Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer

Increases your drones' tracking speed and weapon range (optimal and falloff). It's similar to the mid-slot Omnidirectional Tracking Link module, but provides slightly higher bonuses to range, and slightly lower bonuses to tracking. Also, it cannot be scripted, and is a passive module (i.e. it does not need to be activated and uses no capacitor energy).

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