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Interdictor Alt


This skillplan gives you an bare-bones Interdictor with basic navigation and fitting skills, including T2 co-processors for double bubble setups.

Weapon skills are extra. If you want to use this as anything other than a suicidal throwaway, you'll probably want at some targeting skills too.

It takes 75 days.

Remap to 15 INT 9 MEM

  • Plug in +3s after training Cybernetics I
  • Science I-III
  • Cybernetics I
  • Power Grid Management I-V
  • CPU Management I-V
  • Shield Management I-IV
  • Mechanic I
  • Hull Upgrades I-II
  • Navigation I-IV
  • Acceleration Control I-IV
  • Evasive Maneuvering I-V
  • Afterburner I-III
  • High Speed Maneuvering I-IV
  • Shield Upgrades I-IV
  • Science IV-V
  • Graviton Physics I
  • Propulsion jamming I-V
  • Astrometrics I-III
  • Electronics Upgrades I-IV
  • Warp Drive Operation I-III
  • Energy Management I-IV
  • Energy Systems Operation I-III
  • Cloaking I

Remap to 15 PER 9 WIL

  • Spaceship Command I-IV
  • Racial Frigate I-V
  • Destroyers I-V
  • Interceptors I-IV
  • Interdictors I
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