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Unidentified Wormholes


These wormholes are similar to wormholes, however, these are fraught with danger but with a little bit of intelligence, you can get through these with relative ease. They go to special 'drifter' wormholes which are very similar to an Eldar Webway, the Nexus from the Deathgate Cycle or the Ways, of Wheel of Time fame. Most of the time, these aren't inhabited and there are only 6 in existence. They have a static C2 wormhole and connections to the next drifter wormhole. They are also full of K-Space wormholes with most having the ability to carry capitals, however the wormholes count as a shattered wormhole and thus capitals may not be able to jump through.

Where to find them

Unidentified Wormholes spawn as a celestial beacon like this.

These wormholes spawn at random in systems with a Jove Observatory. They last 16 hours upon spawn. There is a list here

The Drifter Hives wormholes can handle 750 000 000 +- 10% after rolling or dieing naturaly they take 1h to respawn an entrance.

When you land on the beacons, you will land at 84 km from the wormhole. Drifters may be here, if they are, you have 10 seconds or there abouts to get out. Otherwise, you are deader than Osama bin Laden.

You can also find the sister wormholes through the other wormholes that can be found like this


Drifters will spawn in the K-Space wormhole side. These will instablap any ship with their Lux Kantos doomsday weapon. I haven't seen this been tested on other subcaps. This includes any Autothysian Lancers that maybe on the wormhole entrance, scanning it.

Zephyrs, a ship class ignored by sleepers, will be shot at by drifters. You have been warned.

Jove Observatory Locations

Outer Passage



Paragon Soul

Perrigen Falls







In New Eden there are a large amount of nebulas in the galaxy, from pretty greens, reds, blues etc. These nebulas not only have pretty colors, but also pretty shapes and designs. Each region you go to you will see different nebulas which help to identify the region that you are in; just like we can see the pattern of the Milky Way on a clear night in real life. You can identify the region of where a wormhole's destination is just by looking at, not the exact system; but the region. This helps when scouting inside a Drifter wormhole instead of having to dive into every single wormhole to find out where it leads too.

Eve Travel has a website here which shows you these nebulas, a more detailed database of these nebulas with a more accurate reading can be found on the Tiger Ears website here.


This information was brought to us by Delta Squad's FC's Sheogorath, Alexidrakovich, HandSoLow and special thanks to Tiber Galient

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