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Structure Tanking


Structure tanking focuses on reinforcing the structure of your ship to withstand and/or repair damage. Generally, Structure tanking is not considered to be very viable, as hull repairers are relatively inefficient.


  • Structure has the highest base resist in the game
  • Structure tanking is a very big surprise to an enemy who thinks you are a quick kill
  • Freighters and Jump Freighters are 100% Structure tanked and nothing else
  • Certain combat ships are designed to hull tank with good results
  • Reinforced Bulkheads provide an immense boost to ship hit points
  • Structure tanking generally has the highest EHP in the game on most sub capital ships


  • You have no way to increase your resistances
  • Structure repair modules are highly inefficient
  • Trying to find a Logistics pilot who has skilled into Structure tanking might be hard
  • No ships have a bonus to Structure repair unlike Armor and Shield repair
  • The only Empire faction that can really Structure tank is the Gallente
  • Same disadvantages as Armor, you sacrifice damage for tank

Structure Tanking Modules

For a list of modules and their purposes check out Ship Modules
For a list of rigs and their purposes check out Rigs
For a list of implants and their purposes check out Implants

Structure Tanking Strategies

Structure tanking emphasizes the use of the low slot modules described in the previous section to increase Structure hit points, resistance to damage and repair damage done to it. Regardless of the approach taken to Structure tanking, it is wise to understand that Structure has an inherent weakness to being able to be repaired.

  • Buffer Tanking

Buffer Tanking

  • Typically used for PvP, the buffer tank is based around the principle of having high damage resistance and as many hit points as possible, thus increasing the Effective HitPoints (EHP) of the ship. The concept behind this is simple, add enough EHP to your ship to outlast your opponent, which complement the Reinforced Bulkhead modules that add raw hit points.
  • Ideally this should free up enough fitting slots, CPU and power grid to fit bigger weapons and more combat utility modules, such as tackling equipment, to maximize your damage output. The primary drawback to Buffer Tanking is that you have no way to repair yourself, so when you run out of hit points you are toast.
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