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Wiki Translation Contributors

If I missed someone, Please contact Chris Martinn, even if you're not in this list, I know alot of you guys helped me, and I regret not making list of people who helped me cus there were SO MUCH PEOPLE HELPING ME. if you want your name on this page, just simply ping me.

Now, I (kisoonkim) am some page add to Wiki and edit according from alliance director's speech. Still working (Utill i will go to coffin (away from EVE). ).

Korean Translator


He had built korean wiki from void of nothingness.
it took him 6 days to translate whole korean wiki
and he is still making progress on it.
click on his name to go see the work he had done.
He totally deserves some good boy points.
it office pls bring back good boy points.

seddow fleet best fleet

Korean Translator
& Editor



i go to coffin.

Beautiful People from #wiki-office

Wiki admin
The Man whos in charge



Helped EVERYTHING I've asked for, everything couldn't be done without his call.
Worked on some pages that I didnt have access to, and some background work for work
for making some articles public. Thank you alot.

Wiki admin
SRP Slave
The Man who knows everything


Frederick Walker

Answered basically every single questions I've asked.
Even gave me a permission to ping himself freely and ask whatever I want.
Teached me how “rename page” works, bearing my retardness,
saved my time alot when I was wandering.
Thank you for answering somewhat stupid questions,
but organize your desk more often and quit smoking, drink responsibly.

Also Thank you Allendre Okaski, Valerie Orlenard, MrAktilos MrAktilos, Seddow for answering military related shinanigans.

And, finally, thank you all for reading the Korean wiki. Hope you guys like it.

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