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Chris Martinn

image.eveonline.com_character_2114631197_256.jpg“I would kill for good boy points and I will hold my breath untill IT office brings the Good boy point back…”

He has been holding his breath since the year 2019, June 8th.

Chris Martinn is our friendly Korean friend who happenes to build the foundation of TEST Korean Wiki. He used to be the best boy of TEST Aliiance, having total 9 LEGIT good boy points while others have fabricated good boy points. He EARNED his LEGIT good boy points by translating wiki, making memes(Behind almost every shitty meme is a person that tried to make you smile, k, ty.), making propaganda, voluntarily flying Logi Lokies on DKS fleet when only few considered buying one cus its 1.07b isk fit(not to mention he was broke as fuck after buying this loki), staying up for fleet forming up at 4am, ended at 7am also flying logi loki, and other good boy stuff he did for the alliance. And he is also #1 Seddow fan XD seddow fleet best fleet

He has been nominated by Predditors bomber FC Ceris Victoria and awarded 500 plex for his dedication to alliance during “The Bot War”, the war against Winter Coalision.

Down below is the list of memes and propaganda he made for himself, or for other pilots.


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