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Wormhole System Effects


Certain W-Space systems have effects that change the nature of your ship's statistics and/or modules. These phenomena only affect capsuleer ships, so Sleepers or structures won't be affected. The only in-game ways of telling what type of system you're in are the visual markers on the horizon or checking your fitting window for statistics changes, such as Armor HP in a Wolf-Rayet. Generally players use third-party websites to check systems for effects. On August 26th, 2014, with the Hyperion update, System Effects were re-balanced.


Pulsar systems are very powerful when utilized correctly. They provide bonuses to shield amount and capacitor recharge time, effectively doubling both stats' effectiveness in C6s. Armor ships will suffer a resistance debuff, and should be used carefully or not at all. NOSes and Neuts are also strengthened to help counter capital ship's massive tanks in these W-Space systems.

EffectsClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6
Shield Capacity+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Armor Resists-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Capacitor Recharge Time-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Signature Radius+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Nos & Neut Drain Amount+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%

Black Hole

If you love speed, you'll love Black Hole systems. The velocity bonus here allows the possibility of reaching amazing speeds, though increased Inertia and a Stasis Web penalty will make it hard to stop! Missile and Targeting bonuses make kiting missile platforms paramount in these now potentially habitable systems.

EffectsClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6
Missile Velocity+15%+22%+29%+36%+43%+50%
Missile Explosion Velocity+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Ship Velocity+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Stasis Webifier Strength-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Targeting Range+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%

Cataclysmic Variable

Cataclysmic Variable systems basically increase the logistics capabilities of your fleet. Self-repping won't be as viable, which might be a problem for triaging Carriers or sieging Dreadnoughts. These systems also have a bonus to capacitor amount and a lesser debuff to capacitor recharge, overall giving you more stability. The Capacitor Transfer penalty discourages spider-tanking, especially in carriers.

EffectsClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6
Local Armor Repair Amount-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Remote Armor Repair Amount+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Local Shield Repair Amount-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Shield Transfer Amount+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Capacitor Capacity+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Capacitor Recharge Time+15%+22%+29%+36%+43%+50%
Remote Cap Transmitter Amount-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%


While Magnetars suffer from damage application reductions, they come with a massive straight-out damage bonus. Magnetars are generally liked. Running sites in them is faster.

EffectsClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6
Missile Explosion Radius+15%+22%+29%+36%+43%+50%
Drone Tracking-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Targeting Range-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Tracking Speed-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Target Painter Strength-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%

Red Giant

Red Giants are very specialized. They're not sought after, not because they're bad but because they don't have much to offer. The bonus to smartbomb range and damage can be useful, especially when camping holes. The overheating bonus will allow your overheated modules to be even more effective, but they will burn out quicker. Also, the Bomb Damage bonus provides more potential for Stealth Bomber effectiveness - though do note, the bombs don't have extra HP.

EffectsClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6
Heat Damage+15%+22%+29%+36%+43%+50%
Overload Bonus+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Smart Bomb Range+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Smart Bomb Damage+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Bomb Damage+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%

Wolf Rayet

Wolf Rayets are partially opposite to Pulsars. The obvious differences are the bonus to Armor HP and the reduction to Shield Resists. There is also a bonus to signature radius which further enforces the armor doctrine fleets. The small gun damage bonus opens interesting possibilities for gangs consisting of smaller sized ships.

EffectsClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6
Armor HP+30%+44%+58%+72%+86%+100%
Shield Resist-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
Small Weapon Damage+60%+88%+116%+144%+172%+200%
Signature Radius-15%-22%-29%-36%-43%-50%
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