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Doomsday devices (or superweapons) are special weapons which can only be used by Titans. One Doomsday device may be equipped to a titan at any given time. These weapons deal massive amounts of damage to either a single targeted ship or a less amount to multiple ships in an area. All these weapons except for the Rorqual's Superweapon drains the capacitor of all nearby ships when used to prevent multiple Titans from firing their Doomsday devices at the same time instantly evaporating any opposing force.

Types of Doomsday Weapons

There are five types of Doomsday weapons that may be equipped to a Titan and one Superweapon that may be equipped to a Rorqual.


This is the traditional Doomsday from a Titan. It deals massive damage to a single target ship which is capital size or larger.

Race Weapon NameDamage TypeAmount
GallenteAurora OminaeThermal1,000,000


This Doomsday device shoots a beam in a direction hitting all ships in a line. While this does significantly less damage then the normal Doomsday it can hit multiple ships of any size at once.

RaceNameDamage TypeAmount
AmarrHoly DestinyEM50,000
CaldariIron PikeKinetic50,000


This Doomsday version deals damage in a massive cone in an area “drawn” by the Titan.

RaceNameDamage TypeAmount
AmarrDivine HarvestEM100,000
CaldariCold WindKinetic100,000

Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator

This Doomsday weapon targets a group of sub capital ships within 10km of each other and, after a small warm-up duration, teleports them to two random locations within the same system.

Bosonic Field Generator

This Doomsday weapon acts as a shotgun hitting all ships, sub capital and capital, within 30km in front of the Titan in a cone shaped dealing 10,000 omnidamage to all ships hit.

Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core

This is a special Superweapon that can only be equiped by a Rorqual. When this module is activated all ships within 200km of the Rorqual become essentially 'immune' to damage for a duration of 300 seconds at the expense of being unable to use weapons, cloak, warp, dock, tether, or jump.

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