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The Violator is one of the smallest of the Serpentis vessels. Its design was unceremoniously stolen from the Gallente, though its inner workings have been adapted to fit the piratical lifestyle of the Serpentis: In addition to its excellent hybrid damage, it is capable of webbing its opponents and holding them down for a further beating.

Helpful Information

This ship was given as a promo at Pax East 2013.


Role Bonus:

  • 75% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage
  • 22.5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed
  • 30% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret falloff
  • 30% bonus to Stasis Webifier max velocity factor


  • Spaceship Command I

Non Reimbursable Fits

NONE AVAILABLE – Feel free to make one and add it, or contact someone in the wiki-office channel in discord for help.

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