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The Imp is an advanced Sansha's Nation Interceptor intended for use by forward parties of True Power's feared harvester squadrons. Able to penetrate even the most intense blockades, hunt down stragglers or simply hold ships while waiting for the main harvester force to arrive, the Imp is yet another case of Sansha's Nation technology improving on existing advanced hardware. Like most Sansha's Nation equipment, the few captured examples of the Imp have proven to be readily adaptable for capsuleer use.

Helpful Information

The Imp was a prize for the top four teams of Alliance Tournament XIII.


Caldari Frigate bonuses (per skill level):

  • 20% bonus to Afterburner velocity bonus

Amarr Frigate bonuses (per skill level):

  • 7.5% bonus to Small Energy Turret tracking speed

Interceptors bonuses (per skill level):

  • 15% reduction in Microwarpdrive signature radius penalty
  • 5% bonus to Warp Scrambler and Warp Disruptor optimal range

Role Bonus:

  • 250% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage
  • 80% reduction in Propulsion Jamming systems activation cost
  • Immune to Interdiction Sphere Launcher, Warp Disruption Field Generator and Mobile Small, Medium and Large Warp Disruptor


  • Caldari Frigate III
    • Spaceship Command I
  • Amarr Frigate III
    • Spaceship Command I

Non Reimbursable Fits

NONE AVAILABLE – Feel free to make one and add it, or contact someone in the wiki-office channel in discord for help.

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