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The Atron is offered for free via the TEST Free program. Please see the Test Free page for details.


The Atron is a hard nugget with an advanced power conduit system, but little space for cargo. Although it is a good harvester when it comes to mining, its main ability is as a combat vessel.

Helpful Information

The Atron is the Gallente Attack Frigate. It is designed to be fast and has a capacitor bonus to tackle modules and bonuses to hybrid turrets, favoring blasters. The Atron doesn't have great firepower and it still isn't the most durable of ships, but with its speed and agility, good piloting can keep it alive while tackling a target while other ships deliver the punch.

The Atron is a great hull for new pilots interested in learning how to +1, the agile but fragile ship will assist new pilots in understanding some of the limitations of Interceptors, It can serve as an amazing long-point tackle ship.

“Scram Chasing” might be difficult and lethal in the Atron and should be left for tankier hulls like the Incursus.

The Atron is the “fastest” T1 attack Frigate. While the Minmatar Slasher is (originally) 10m/s faster than the Atron, the three low slots allow adding an Overdrive or Nanofiber Hull resulting in a faster ship while still retaining the same tank. A large capacitor allows a stable fit relatively easy, allowing to keep point on a target for prolonged times, until your fleet or gang arrive on grid. In addition, an ample Power Grid and CPU make the Atron easy to fit with little training.


Gallente Frigate Bonuses (per skill level):

  • 10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret falloff
  • 5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage

Role Bonus:

  • 80% reduction in Propulsion Jamming systems activation cost


  • Gallente Frigate I
  • Spaceship Command I

Non Reimbursable Fits

Test Free

[Atron, TF Atron]
Overdrive Injector System I
Damage Control I
200mm Steel Plates I

5MN Microwarpdrive I
Warp Scrambler I
Stasis Webifier I

Light Electron Blaster I
Light Electron Blaster I
Light Electron Blaster I

Small Ionic Field Projector I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I

Antimatter Charge S x2000


[Atron, Derptron]

Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Damage Control I
Insulated Stabilizer Array I

5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Medium F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I

Anode Light Ion Particle Cannon I, Antimatter Charge S
Anode Light Ion Particle Cannon I, Antimatter Charge S
Anode Light Ion Particle Cannon I, Antimatter Charge S

Small Kinetic Shield Reinforcer I
Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small Thermal Shield Reinforcer I
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