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Should you ever dock your pod in a station where you have no ships in the hangar, you'll find your friendly insurance company has provided you with a very basic Rookie Ship Corvette. The four Corvettes are the Amarr Impairor, Caldari Ibis, Gallente Velator and Minmatar Reaper.

These ships are also known as Rookie Ships (their former name) or noob ships (due to them being the first class of ship your character can fly).

They come fitted with a terrible turreted weapon and a terrible mining laser. There is no real reason to use these ships for combat, given the availability of high-quality frigates through the Test Free program. They do make decent cyno frigates but require Cyno IV or better to be used in such fashion, and Cyno V or a module for the Amarr Impairor.

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Impairor Ibis Velator Reaper
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