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Exploration Sleeper Caches

Sleeper Caches are similar to Relic & Data Sites, but they require both a Data Analyzer and a Relic Analyzer. They are difficult to scan down completely, without high scanning skills/bonuses. They contain valuable loot in hackable cans, with some NPC Sentry Guns, invisible minefields, and explosive/corrosive clouds.

These sites come in three variants:

Explorers should have high hacking and archeology skills and bonused ships with a self-repairing tank before attempting these sites. These sites often include multiple “rooms” with hidden rooms and objects and will test and explorers skills. Storyline BPCs and sleeper “blue” loot worth many tens (or hundreds?) of millions of ISK sometimes drop here even in high-sec, so keep a sharp eye out for them, if you're prepared – these are not for beginners.

Sleeper Caches: A Preamble

These may appear by name to be an intimidating retreat where ships go, and then they don't come back, but in reality, these cosmic indications within EVE Online are actually fairly straightforward. They by default, more difficult versions of the data or relic sites you get normally. There is additional risk involved because of various hazards, but you can get some sizable reward for your trouble should you decide to run one, which after this, I hope to convince you that you should.

I should start off, appropriately, with a list of cautions and advisories:

  • Do not attempt these sites without Tech II analyzer modules. This being the Relic Analyzer II and the Data Analyzer II. You can technically get away with just a Data Analyzer II, but without a Relic Analyzer II, you're going to be spending more time inside the site than if you just had it in the first place.
  • Your first four to five times inside these sites should not be done with shiny ships, like the Astero or the Stratios. A T3 is also not worth risking in the upper grade of sites.
  • Should you run the site completely, you might have some nice gank-worthy (or ambush-worthy if in lowsec/nullsec) cargo in your hold. Exercise the appropriate cautions: gank limits, using blockade runners, a hauling alt, et cetera.
  • Do not rush these sites, at least until you're quite familiar with them. Ships get lost on these sites every month because of carelessness.
  • There are no Sleeper NPCs inside any Sleeper Cache. The hazards are merely AoE damage and Sentry Towers. Profiles for the guns follow:
    • Vigilant Sentry Tower (the weakest)
    • Wakeful Sentry Tower
    • Restless Sentry Tower (the strongest).

There are three kinds of Sleeper sites: Limited, Standard, and Superior; in this order is their typical difficulty in the same fashion. Unlike regular data and relic sites, Sleeper site loot is held in storage depots, which are accessed with the Relic Analyzer. Site-related functions, such as switching off sentry guns, turning off toxic gas clouds, resetting timers, and so forth are all data hacks which use the Data Analyzer. While failing certain Data hacks can be decidedly unpleasant, nearly all the Relic cans can be failed repeatedly without ill effect. Superior Sleeper sites do have a different mechanic in the Archive Room.

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