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Exploration Scanning

When you found a good system, you want to click the 'Scanner' button (looks like a little radar) on the left side on your Ship Control Panel. Three buttons will appear in a radial menu and you want to click the 'Scanner Probes' button (see picture on the right).

This will open the Probe Scanner window where you can see anomalies and signatures in your current system. Un-tick the box 'Show Anomalies' to filter out everything except signatures. Every entry shows the estimated distance, a unique ID, Scan Group, Group, Type and Signal. The important information for Exploration are the ID, the Group and the Signal.

You can use the ID as the signature's name, basically. The group is important, because it will show if the signature is a Relic, Data, Combat, Gas site or a Wormhole. Finally, the signal has to be 100% to be able to travel to a site.

Signatures spawn randomly, so you will encounter systems where no signatures are found. In that case just travel to the next system and check back later.

Scanning sites

  1. Make sure your Probe Launcher is loaded with Probes. The icon should show the Probe image in your UI. If it isn't right-click it and load it
  2. Open your Star Map (press 'F10') and switch to the Solar System Map in the legend
  3. Choose an ID you would like to scan down
  4. Press the 'Launch Probes in Pinpoint Formation' button to launch your Probes (marked green in the image). The scan radius of your Probes is shown as bubbles and their centre position point as a cube
  5. Click the ID you want to scan in your Probe Scanner window (this filters all other signatures)
  6. Move your camera position to a top down view on your Probe cube and drag the cube into the middle of the signature sphere
  7. Adjust your viewpoint by 90° so you look at one of the sides of your cube and move it to the centre of the the sphere again
  8. Adjust your Probe scan range by click-holding one of your Probe bubbles and dragging it to the point where your Probe radius overlaps the signature sphere
  9. Click the 'Scan' button (marked yellow in the image)
  10. Check the scan results box to see what to do next
  11. When you are done scanning don't forget to collect your Probes by pressing the 'Recover all active Probes' button (marked red in the image)

If you accidentally click one of the arrows on the side of the cube when you try to move it, your Probes may be dragged way off your field of view. Don't panic, it's reversible.

Scan results

Scan result What to do
Nothing Check your Probe cube position again, increase scan range
Another smaller sphere Repeat everything from step 6 on
A red ring Repeat everything from step 6 on
Two red dots Repeat everything from step 6 on for one of them. If you do not get a signal from the first one, the second one is the correct position
Two yellow arrow markers The same as above
One red dot Repeat everything from step 6 on, you are close
One yellow arrow marker Repeat everything from step 6 on, even closer
One green arrow marker Success! You found the signature's exact position! Scan another signature by repeating everything from step 5 on or end scanning with step 11

You will not be able to scan down every single signature to 100% without the best equipment and highest skills. Accept this and leave signatures alone when you are stuck with the same signal.

You can stop scanning signatures at any time when they are not of the Group you are looking for. When you finally find one or multiple sites you want to visit, you can warp to them by clicking the warp icon that appears under Signal in you Probe Scanner window, when you reached 100%.


This website is a community effort to create a database of system signatures all over New Eden.

You log in through eve SSO. The website will automatically detect the current system you are in and show discovered signatures in this system and their group (e.g. Data site, Relic site). You can compare the ID of these with the ones you find in your Probe Scanner window and by that filter for the ones you want to scan down. Best-case scenario is that all signatures you see have been scanned down by other users already and you are free to choose the ones you want to explore as well.

If you find signatures in your Probe Scanner window that are not listed you can help expand the database by scanning them down to the Group and adding them through the dashboard. Future explorers will thank you!

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