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Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm


This is a two room complex. The acceleration gate from the first room to the second room requires a key which drops from the Biodome Complex.

Ship Restrictions: This complex is restricted to Frigates, Shuttles, Rookie Ships, Assault Frigates, Covert Ops, Interceptors, Stealth Bombers and Electronic Attack Ships.


Warping To The Beacon

Somewhat surprisingly, the Angel Cartel contracted the building of experimental celestial biofarms from the Minmatar Republic. Clouds made of organic dust and water-based asteroids make this experiment possible.

Room 1

Ironically, slave trade is rampant in this Minmatar contracted biodome complex. Thorak is a ruthless businessman, turned politician, and his future in a galactic context looks bright.
Hey, there actually IS a reason to blow up and rob this Thorak guy! Combat is always more fun when the conscience is easily numbed.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
20Gistii HijackerFrigate--
1Gistii RogueFrigate--
Acceleration Gate
Thoraks Biodome Garden

Thoraks Biodome Garden contains key to access Acceleration Gate

Room 2

This biodome is used for cultivation of plants and animals alike. Minmatar corporations have contracted the operation to the Angel Cartel and there is a healthy profit to be made from the luxury foods manufactured here. The prime buyers are the newly rich.
'A major blow was dealt to an otherwise successful energy pooling operation when a meteor shower pummeled the control bridge to pieces. Reports indicate that Oofus, the CEO of the the self-titled galactic repair corporation, agreed to fix it for the troubled energy contractor in return for huge stakes in the eventual profits. Turrets ready. Targeting system active. Time to make sure Oofus doesn't make any money.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
24Gistii HijackerFrigate--
4Gistii RogueFrigate--
Oofus's Repair Shop


1st Tier Overseer EffectsThoraks Biodome Garden
2nd Tier Overseer EffectsOofus's Repair Shop
Gistii C-Type ModulesOofus's Repair Shop
Domination Frigate ModulesOofus's Repair Shop
Dramiel BPCOofus's Repair Shop
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