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Cartel Prisoner Retention


Ship Restrictions: T2 Battleship and below


Warping To The Beacon

This deadspace complex contains a heavily guarded prison facility of the Angel Cartel. It is here that kidnapped enemies of the Cartel are held for ransom or brutal interrogation and torture.

Room 1

This first pocket within the deadspace field contains the main gates to this Angel Cartel prison complex, defended by a pair of experienced frigate pilots.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
7 Various Destroyer --
2 Various Battleship --
1 Watch Officer Battleship --

Room 2

This area of the complex handles the traffic of incoming (and sometimes outgoing) prisoners. The pocket is well defended by a small but powerful Angel fleet. The resident jailor holds control over who is allowed further inside the complex, through the traffic gate towards the prison battlements.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
16 Various Destroyer --
6 Various Battlecruiser --
6 Various Battleship --
1 Gist Nephilim Battleship - Target Painter
1 Angel Cartel Jailor Battleship - -

Room 3

This heavily guarded pocket contains the prison battlements, along with a massive fleet of Angel vessels aiming to see to it that no one can escape from within the retention core. The acceleration gate that takes prison transport ships into the main prisoner block is scrambled by a scramble wave generator that keeps the gate closed at almost all times.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
4 Angel Sentry Gun Sentry --
13 Various Destroyer --
4 Various Cruiser --
5 Various Battlecruiser --
5 Various Battleship --
1 Gist Nephilim Battleship - Target Painter
1 Angel Prisonwatch Commander Battleship --
Scramble Wave Generator Contains Security Cypher for Angel Prison

Room 4

This deepest section of the complex houses the prisoner block. Fully outfitted with a bloodsport arena, this is the place where the Angel Cartel's prison wardens pit their unsuspecting captives against each other in brutal Darwinian games where only the strongest and fittest survive to tell the tale. The block is guarded by an experienced combat fleet, not to be taken lightly.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
4 Statis Tower Sentry - Stasis Webifier
4 Angel Sentry Gun Sentry - -
1 Angel Retention Facility Sentry - Stasis Webifier
15 Various Frigate Yes Stasis Webifier
16 Various Destroyer --
8 Various Cruiser --
9 Various Battlecruiser --
3 Various Battleship --
2 Gist Nephilim Battleship - Target Painter
1 Angel Prison Warden Battleship --


Domination Battleship Modules Angel Prisonwatch Command
Domination Faction Modules Scramble Wave Generator
21st Tier Overseers Personal Effects Angel Retention Facility
Gist B-Type Modules Angel Retention Facility
Machariel BPC Angel Retention Facility
Domination Battleship Modules Angel Prison Warden
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