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Angel Military Operations Complex


Ship Restrictions: T2 Battleship & Below


Warping To The Beacon

This military complex belongs to the Angel Cartel. It sent a crew of their finest engineers and military personnel here to establish a mining complex. Unconfirmed DED reports state that the Angel Cartel plans to use this complex to develop new weapons and practice combat manoevering and strategies away from prying eyes.

Room 1

The rumor is that the building of the complex was only half-completed before the Angel Cartel military operations started. Debris from reckless dogfighting and blasted asteroids litters the deadspace pockets and caution is advised.
Your transmission decoder flickers and you pick up a locator signal, seemingly emanating from a typical container inside this deadspace pocket. Other transmissions indicate that some kind of disaster has struck and that a massive explosion knocked communications offline a while ago.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
6-10 Various Frigate
6-10 Various Destroyer
4-6 Various Cruiser
4-6 Various Battlecruisers Battlecruiser
4-6 Gist Malakim/Throne Battleship
4-6 Gist Nephilim Battleship - Target Painter
Acceleration Gate Leads to Room 2
Container With Blast Marks Dented Cipher

Container With Blast Marks contains Dented Cipher required unlock Acceleration Gate

Room 2

Available data indicates that this deadspace complex pocket was supposed to contain the first successfully built deadspace-stargate. Reports indicate that the Angel Cartel was not successful.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
9-11 Gistior Defacer/Defiler/Haunter Destroyer - -
7-9 Gistatis Primus/Tribuni Battlecruiser - -
8-9 Gist Cherubim/Malakim/Throne Battleship - -
Ancient Acceleration Gate Leads to Room 3a
Ancient Acceleration Gate Mark II Leads to Room 3b
Ancient Acceleration Gate Mark III Leads to Room 3c
Stargate Under Construction And Repair Contains 50k Isogen, 100k Pyerite, 200k Tritanium

Stargate Under Construction And Repair requires OVER 400 Nova Fury Cruiser Missiles to destroy

Room 3a (Supply Depot)

The Angel Cartel has established a well fortified supply depot with a lots of troops stationed in military bunkers. A scout mission revealed that the battlestation in the center is not fully operational and supposedly serves as supply management HQ and storage facilities.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
? Various Cruiser --
10 Gist Malakim/Throne Battleship --
1 The Stronghold General Battleship --
Ancient Acceleration Gate Leads to Room 4

Room 3b (Tactical Operations Center)

Tactical operations in the entire deadspace complex are coordinated and handled from here. The battlestation is reported to be well defended.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
10 Various Destroyer --
10 Various Battlecruiser - -
10 Various Battleship - -
1 Control Headquarters Cruiser Commander --
Ancient Acceleration Gate Leads to Room 4

Room 3c (Watchpost)

The Outer Perimeter Watchpost is on the outskirts of the deadspace area. Despite the protection the warp-free space offers, the Angel Cartel nonetheless monitors the area closely. A CONCORD diplomatic committee is negotiating an information-sharing deal to relieve tension.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
10 Various Destroyer --
8 Various Battlecruiser --
9 Various Battleship --
1 Security Coordinator Cruiser Commander - Stasis Webifier
Ancient Acceleration Gate Leads to Room 4

Room 4

A scouting mission spotted th so-called “Underground Oveseer” before warping out under heavy fire
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
10 Gistior Defacer/Defiler/Haunter Destroyer --
11-12 Gistatis Legionnaire/Primus/Tribuni Battlecruiser --
6 Gist Malakim/Throne/Warlord Battleship --
1 Gist Nephilim Battleship - Target Painter
1 Tritan - The Underground Battleship --

Room 5

The innermost deadspace pocket in the Angel military complex has recieved a lot of high quality, expense minerals. Ready made building blocks are steadely freighted in, but there have been no reports of what they are actually building.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
1 Angel Statis Tower Sentry - Statis Webifier
18 Gistior Defacer/Haunter/Shatterer Frigate --
1 Gistum Centurion Cruiser --
12 Gistatis Praefectus/Primus/Tribuni Cruiser --
11 Gist Cherubim/Malakim/Throne Battleship --
1 The Battlestation Admiral Overseer Battleship --


Domination Battleship Modules The Stronghold General
Domination Cruiser Modules Control Headquarters
Domination Cruiser Modules Security Coordinator
Domination Battleship Modules Tritan - The Underground
20th Overseer Personal Effects The Battlestation Admiral
Domination Battleship Modules The Battlestation Admiral
Gist C-Type Modules The Battlestation Admiral
Macheriel BPC The Battlestation Admiral
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