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Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard


Ship Restrictions: T2 Battleship and below


Warping To The Beacon

The Angel Cartel has established a firm presence in this Deadspace Complex. They use it as a naval construction base but reports claim that they perform some testing of shield prototype inside. These rumors remain largely unconfirmed. The area is extremely dangerous and the inner pockets are off limits to everyone but the key players in the Angel Cartel

Room 1

This first pocket within the deadspace field contains the main gates to this Angel Cartel prison complex, defended by a pair of experienced frigate pilots.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
3-4 Stasis Tower Sentry - Stasis Webifier
5-6 Cruiser Missile Sentry Sentry --
10 Various Destroyer --
2 Various Battlecruiser --
16-17 Various Battleship --
1 Purple Particle Research Patrol Battleship Commander --

Room 2

Previous reports have indicated this first deadspace pocket is nowhere near as dangerous to enter as the rest of them. It serves as a scanning and identification post for the gatekeepers, habitation for the workers in the complex and a place of commerce for businessmen who mainly deal in technology, energy or mineral resources.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
8 Tower Sentry Angel III Sentry --
10-12 Various Destroyer --
12 Various Battlecruiser --
5 Various Battleship --
1 General Hixous Puxley Battleship --

Room 3

Earlier reports have indicated huge arrays of armor fittings guarded by automatic sentries and patrolling pilots. This deadspace pocket is equipped and staffed to service an entire fleet of ships in record time, whether it be armoring, hull modifications or other types of structural upgrades. The service is expensive, but extremely fast and reliable.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
6 Stasis Tower Sentry - Stasis Webifier
5-6 Tower Sentry Angel III Sentry --
6 Angel Cruiser Missile Battery Sentry --
18 Various Destroyer --
6-7 Various Battlecruiser --
6 Various Battleship --
1 Supply Headman Overseer Battleship --
Docked & Loaded Mammoth Contains 21st Tier Officers Personal Effects

Room 4

This surprisingly small drydock dispatches ships with great efficiency. Incredibly talented and exacting, the Angel ship builders charge exorbitant prices and thus most of their customers come from the wealthier end of the pilot spectrum.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
2 Stasis Tower Sentry - Stasis Webifier
2-3 Angel Cruise Missile Battery Sentry --
10 Various Destroyer --
10 Various Battlecruiser --
8 Various Battleship --
Megathron Under Frantic Repair Domination Battleship Modules

Room 5

A pilot who entered this pocket previously managed to give out only a brief distress signal before his ship was destroyed. The revived clone remembered nothing from the incident, which indicates the destruction happened almost instantly and most likely caused too much terror for the experience to register in his mind before it was coded and transmitted.
AmountNameShip TypeDisruptorEWar
4 Stasis Tower Sentry - Stasis Webifier
4 Various Destroyer --
16 Various Battlecruiser --
9 Various Battleship --
1 Antimatter Channeler Overseer Battleship --


Domination Battleship Modules Purple Particle Research Patrol
Domination Battleship Modules General Hixious Puxley
Domination Battleship Modules Supply Headman
21st Tier Officers Personal Effects Docked & Loaded Mammoth
Domination Battleship Modules Megathron Under Frantic Repair
23rd Tier Officers Personal Effects Antimatter Channeler
Domination Battleship Modules Antimatter Channeler
Gist X-Type Modules Antimatter Channeler
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