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Ore Security Class


The types of ore that can be found in a system's asteroid belts are determined by a code called the security class of the system. You can't find out a system's security class directly in-game, but the value is present in the Eve database dumps. In 0.0, you can deduce a system's security class from the region it is in, and the truesec of the system.

The security class is a letter from A to J, optionally followed by a number from 1 to 7. For example, Jita is a class “A” system, and S-U8A4 is class “J2”. Generally, the higher the number, the better the ore.

Ores in 0.0

The security class is most useful in 0.0 regions, since the whole region will have the same letter code, and the following number is then determined by the truesec of the system.

Security Class Letter

Security Class Number

And this table shows the relation between the truesec and the security class number:

Class numberTruesec range
None 0.00 — -0.25
1 -0.35 — -0.25
2 -0.45 — -0.35
3 -0.55 — -0.45
4 -0.65 — -0.55
5 -0.75 — -0.65
6 -0.85 — -0.75
7 -1.00 — -0.85

For instance, Syndicate has a security class letter of “J”, and S-U8A4, with a truesec of -0.446, thus has a security class of “J2”.

Ore Class Letter

This table shows the abbreviation used for Ore

Ore LetterOre
DODark Ochre

Ore Spawn Location

The actual ores which will spawn are given by this table:

Security ClassFGHIJK
BaseV, Sc, Hd, Hm, OV, Sc, Pl, O, KV, Sc, Py, Hm, JV, Sc, Hd, Hm, OV, Sc, Py, Pl, JV, Sc, Hd, Hm, O
1Sp G Hd J DO DO
2G Py DO Sp C Sp
3B Sp K G B C
4A B C DO Hm B
5Py C Sp A Hd A
6M M M M M M
7Pl DO B K A G

Going down each column, all ores present in the class above also spawn. For instance, J systems spawn Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, Plagioclase, and Jaspet. J1 systems have all of those, plus Dark Ochre. J2 systems have everything in “J1” systems, plus Crokite, and so on.

Ores in Empire

Security class letters A-E are used in empire regions, and systems in the same region may have different letter classes, which makes them less useful.

Empire Security Letters

The range of values found in the game are:

Security classTruesec rangeOres present
A0.95 - 1.00V, Sc
B0.75 - 0.95V, Sc, Py
B*0.75 - 0.95V. Sc, Pl
B10.45 - 0.75V, Sc, Py, K
B20.25 - 0.45V, Sc, Py, K, J
B30.00 - 0.25V, Sc, Py, K, J, Hm
C0.45 - 0.75V, Sc, Pl, Py
C10.25 - 0.45V, Sc, Pl, Py, K
C20.00 - 0.25V, Sc, Pl, Py, K, Hd
D0.75 - 0.95V, Sc, Pl
D10.45 - 0.75V, Sc, Pl, O
D20.25 - 0.45V, Sc, Pl, O, J
D30.00 - 0.25V, Sc, Pl, O, J, Hm
E0.25 - 0.45V, Sc, Pl, O, K
E10.00 - 0.25V, Sc, Pl, O, K, Hd

B class systems in Gallente space (shown as B* here) have Plagioclase, instead of Pyroxeres. They should probably be flagged as D class, but aren't shown this way in the database.

Empire Security Classes

This table shows the system security classes present in each empire region:

RegionSecurity classes
Tash-Murkon, Domain, Kor-Azor, GenesisA, B-B3
Derelik, Devoid, The Bleak Lands, Khanid, Kador, AridiaB - B3
The Forge, LonetrekA, B, C-C2
The CitadelA, B, C, C1
Sinq Laison, Everyshore, Essence, Verge VendorA, B*, D1-D3
Solitude, PlacidB*, D1-D3
Heimatar, MetropolisA, D, D1, E, E1
Molden HeathD, D1, E, E1

Simplified Empire Ore Map

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