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Mining Waste

Mining waste probability, which is a chance per cycle for resources to be turned into space dust.
Mining waste is taken from the asteroid and not from the mining yield.
T1 drones, T1 modules and faction modules has a 0% waste probability.
While T2 modules has a waste probability of 34%, the crystals can add additional waste probability.

Mining Crystals

Type A: Standard yield.
Type B: Higher yield, high waste, less reliable.
Type C: Lower yield, very high waste, very unreliable. It destroys more than it mines. Used for offensive mining or clearing out a belt of unwanted ore.

MODULE Crystal - Additional Waste Probability Total Waste Probability
T1 0,00 %
FACTION 0,00 %
T2 - 34% TYPE I A - 0% 34,00 %
T2 - 34% TYPE I B - 20% 54,00 %
T2 - 34% TYPE I C - 40% 74,00 %
T2 - 34% TYPE II A - 3.6% 37,60 %
T2 - 34% TYPE II B - 30% 64,00 %
T2 - 34% TYPE II C - 59% 93,00 %
DRONE T1 0,00 %
DRONE T2 34,00 %

Mining waste example.

While mining With T2 - Type II A, there is a 37,60% mining waste probability.

Waste Probability37,60% Waste Cycles3760
Ore Mined Yield2 200 000m3Wasted Yield827 200 m3
Total ore taken out of the belt3 027 200m3

So in this example, of the 3 027 200m3 ore in the belt 72,67% gets mined while 27,33% turns to space dust and disappears.

Mining Waste Strategies

It would be up to a moon owner to say if there is a acceptable level of waste on their moon.
When mining high value ore like R64/R32 it might be more advantageous to mine with 0% waste.
The mining will go a little slower but less of the high value ore gets destroyed, leading to a greater value can get extracted from that moon.
On lower value ore it might be better to mine with higher yield and more waste to get as much of the ore before it despawns.

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