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Invention Skills

You need to train several different types of skills in order to perform the invention process

Basic Skills

Basic Science and Engineering skills - Almost all of the invention processes require the following skills

  • Mechanics (1x) V
  • Power Grid Management (1x) V
  • CPU Management (1x) V

Racial Skills

There are four racial and one Sleeper encryption methods skills. Each T2 item is associated with one of racial encryption methods, while Sleeper one is required for inventing T3 hulls and subsystems.

  • Amarr Encryption Methods (5x)
  • Caldari Encryption Methods (5x)
  • Gallente Encryption Methods (5x)
  • Minmatar Encryption Methods (5x)
  • Sleeper Encryption Methods (4x)

Advanced Skills

Each item also has two advanced science skills associated with it.

  • Amarr Starship Engineering (5x)
  • Caldari Starship Engineering (5x)
  • Gallente Starship Engineering (5x)
  • Minmatar Starship Engineering (5x)
  • Electromagnetic Physics (5x)
  • Electronic Engineering (5x)
  • Graviton Physics (5x)
  • High Energy Physics (5x)
  • Hydromagnetic Physics (5x)
  • Laser Physics (5x)
  • Mechanical Engineering (5x)
  • Molecular Engineering (5x)
  • Nanite Engineering (5x)
  • Nuclear Physics (5x)
  • Plasma Physics (5x)
  • Quantum Physics (5x)
  • Rocket Science (5x)

An inventor must have the proper encryption method skill and the two science skills trained, as required for each item, in order to start an Invention job. Higher skill levels of the encryption methods and science skills lead to a better chance of invention. In order to see which skills are required, look in the Invention tab in a blueprint for any Tech I item.

Laboratory Operation and Advanced Laboratory Operation will govern how many concurrent science jobs you can perform. Scientific Networking will govern from how many jumps away you can start science jobs.

Worth mentioning here, but completely useless to invention, are four further Science skills that are not used at all in invention. These are:

  • Sleeper Technology (5x)
  • Takmahl Technology (5x)
  • Talocan Technology (5x)
  • Yan Jung Technology (5x)

They are used exclusively in the manufacture of storyline modules, which are obtainable as BPCs from COSMOS missions. Note that the Sleeper Technology skill, despite its name, is not used for T3 production - you want Sleeper Encryption Methods (4x) for T3 production.


For example, this Inferno Rocket Blueprint (see right) requires

  • Rocket Science I
    • Mechanics V
    • Science V
  • Electronic Engineering I
    • Science V
    • CPU Management V
  • Caldari Encryption Methods I
    • Hacking II
      • Electronics Upgrades III
        • CPU Management II
        • Power Grid Management II
      • Science III

You should train the encryption method skills to at least level 3, and the science skills at least to level 4, to have a good chance of invention success.

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