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Projectile Ammunition

Projectiles got overhauled in Dominion, there are now effectively 3 “classes” of T1 ammo which vary in damage type, with varying tracking bonuses rather than varying volume.

The ability of projectile weapons to vary their damage type makes them the most versatile of the four weapon types. The tradeoff is that they tend to be shorter range.

Name Range Tracking EM EXP KIN THE Other
Carbonized Lead +60% +5% 1 4
Nuclear +60% +5% 4 1
Proton +60% +5% 3 2
Depleted Uranium 0% +20% 3 2 3
Titanium Sabot 0% +20% 2 6
Fusion -50% 0% 10 2
Phased Plasma -50% 0% 2 10
EMP -50% 0% 9 2 1
Quake (T2, artillery) -75% +25% 9 5
Tremor (T2, artillery) +80% -75% 5 3
Barrage (T2, autocannon) 0% -25% 6 5 +50% falloff
Hail (T2, autocannon) -50% -30% 12.1 3.3 -50% falloff

(Damage values for small ammo; multiply by 2 for medium, 4 for large, and 8 for XL sizes.)

Long Range (Carbonized Lead, Nuclear, and Proton)

These ammo types are the longest-range and lowest-damage T1 projectile types. They have a 5% bonus to tracking. Carbonized Lead does 20% explosive and 80% kinetic, Nuclear does 80% explosive and 20% kinetic, Proton does 60% EM and 40% kinetic. If you're flying a Hurricane, hunt down some faction Proton since most fast ships such as dictors will be shield tanked if anything.

Medium Range (Depleted Uranium and Titanium Sabot)

These ammo types have no range bonus and do moderate damage, but also have a substantial tracking bonus. Depleted Uranium does 37.5% explosive, 25% kinetic, and 37.5% thermal, Titanium Sabot does 25% explosive and 75% kinetic. DU has the most balanced damage profile, while Titanium is good against Guristas.

Short Range (Fusion, Phased Plasma, and EMP)

These ammo types have a range penalty and no tracking bonus, but do the highest damage of any T1 ammo type. Fusion does 83.3% explosive and 16.7% kinetic, Phased Plasma does 16.7% kinetic and 83.3% thermal, EMP does 75% EM, 16.7% explosive, and 8.3% kinetic. Fusion should be your go-to short range ammo since most gangs will have plenty of Amarr ships to deal EM/Therm damage, so using Explosive ammo will enhance your gang's DPS against armor tankers (and should also be used against Angels). Use EMP if you know you'll be hitting shield tankers or you're ratting Sansha, Bloods, or Rogue Drones. Use Plasma if you're ratting Serpentis.


An advanced version of the standard Nuclear ammo with a Morphite-enriched warhead and a smart tracking system.

Barrage is a T2 ammo type that can only be used in T2 autocannons. Though expensive, it is more than worth it as it does a bit less damage than EMP, but with a large range bonus rather than a penalty. The bonus is applied to the turret's falloff, rather than optimal, which is especially handy for autocannon users. Barrage does approximately 55% Explosive and 45% Kinetic damage but gives a slight tracking penalty to your guns. There are very few situations where you can go wrong with Barrage.


Hail is a T2 ammo type that can only be used in T2 autocannons. In exchange for doing about 2% more damage than faction short range ammo, Hail gives you a significant tracking penalty. This is compounded by the fact that the latter is stacked for each turret that is loaded with this ammo type. Don't use this, use faction Fusion if you need a similar damage type.

Hail does 80% Explosive and 20% Kinetic damage.


An advanced long range shell designed for extended bombardment, the tremor is unusually compact and has great range. It is nearly useless in close combat.

Tremor is a T2 sniping ammo that can only be used in T2 artillery. It does the same amount of damage as Depleted Uranium and Titanium Sabot, but has an 80% range bonus that makes it the longest-range projectile ammo. The only downside is a huge tracking penalty that makes already-poorly-tracking artillery turrets unable to hit anything that has any appreciable transversal velocity at short-to-medium range.

Tremor does approximately 62% Explosive and 38% Kinetic damage.


A large titanium sabot shell that delivers a shattering blow to the target. It is however nearly twice as bulky as standard ammunition and has a somewhat slower rate of fire. The tremendous recoil generated by this shell means that the ship's velocity must be substantially curbed and a small portion of the ship's capacitor energy redirected to manuvering thrusters for stability.

Quake is a T2 ammunition type that can only be used in T2 artillery. It does less than 2% more damage than faction short-range ammo, in exchange for substantial penalties to optimal, and tracking. Don't use this, use faction Fusion if you need a similar damage type.

Quake does 64% Explosive and 36% Kinetic damage.

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