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Laser Ammunition

Laser weaponry uses a frequency crystal as largely non-consumable ammunition, meaning that they rarely need to reload. Most crystals do EM and thermal damage, with the exception of Radio, which only does EM. Imperial Navy variants (the most commonly available faction crystals) do 15% more damage than the base crystal type and slowly accumulate damage, but have the same stats otherwise.

Name Range EM (s,m,l,xl) EXP (s,m,l,xl) KIN (s,m,l,xl) THE (s,m,l,xl) Cap Need Other
Radio +60,0% 5,10,20,40 0,0,0,0 -15% -
Microwave +40,0% 4,8,16,32 2,4,8,16 -25% -
Infrared +20,0% 5,10,20,40 2,4,8,16 -35% -
Standard +0% 5,10,20,40 3,6,12,24 -45% -
Ultraviolet -12.5% 6,12,24,48 3,6,12,24 -35% -
Xray -25,0% 6,12,24,48 4,8,16,32 -25% -
Gamma -37.5% 7,14,28,56 4,8,16,32 -15% -
Multifrequency -50,0% 7,14,28,56 5,10,20,40 +0% -
Conflagration (T2, Pulse) -50% 7,14,28 7,14,28 +25% x0.5 tracking penalty
Scorch (T2, Pulse) +50% 9,18,36 2,4,8 +0% x0.75 tracking penalty
Aurora (T2, Beam) +80% 5,10,20 3,6,12 +0% x0.25 tracking penalty
Gleam (T2, Beam) -75% 7,14,28 7,14,28 +25% x1.25 tracking penalty


Modulates the beam of a laser weapon into the radio frequencies. Greatly improved range. Greatly increased EM damage.

Radio is the longest range T1 crystal, which also does the smallest amount of damage. Unlike all other crystals, Radio exclusively does EM damage, which makes it pretty terrible against armor-tanking ships. Useful as a poor man's sniper ammo, but keep in mind that your dps will be abysmal. If you can put up with the reduced range, use faction Microwave instead.

Other T1 crystals

Modulates the beam of a laser weapon into the frequencies. _ range. __ damage. or something similar.

In order from highest range and least damage to lowest range and greatest damage: microwave, Infrared, Standard, Ultraviolet, Xray, Gamma, Multifrequency. Standard uses half the capacitor of Multifrequency, and does pretty decent damage, so it's a popular choice when cap stability is required. A typical laser user will carry (faction) Multifrequency, Standard and a set of long range crystals (usually Microwave or Aurora/Scorch, depending on the guns).

EM and thermal damage, range is inversely proportional to damage, use a lot of capacitor.


A Carthum Conglomerate [size] Beam Laser crystal based on an upgraded version of the standard Radio crystal. Huge range and damage boost but far longer cooldown time. It is next to useless at close ranges.

T2 sniping crystals for beam lasers. 80% range bonus, 75% tracking hit, high cap use. Even though lasers have great tracking, the tracking hit means you should switch to standard for targets at medium range. As a T2 crystal, it will degrade as you use it. See the section on crystal damage below for details.


The Gleam overdrive crystal has tremendous damage capacity but needs substantially more energy than normal and its energy signature is very easy to lock onto. It also requires the ship's shields to be strengthened around the turret to prevent critical backlashes.

T2 close range crystals for beam lasers. Does lots of damage for a 25% tracking hit and preposterously short range. At least it doesn't use extra cap like the hybrid equivalent. Use faction multifrequency for similar damage without any penalties. Degrades like an aurora crystal.


The Scorch is a UV crystal designed by Carthum Conglomerate . Utilizing AI microtrackers it gives a good boost to range but has fairly low damage potential, low tracking and is of limited use against heavily armored targets.

T2 pulse laser ammo that does a silly amount of damage given the range bonus (50%) it has, plus a 25% tracking hit. Combined with the relatively long range of pulse lasers and the Apocalypse's optimal bonus, this is a great choice for long range anti-support work.


The Conflagration is a supercharged X-Ray crystal created by Carthum Conglomerate for the Imperial Navy. Has much greater damage potential than the standard version, but needs considerably more capacitor and also has reduced effective range.

T2 short range pulse laser ammo for putting big holes in stationary things. Comes with a 50% optimal range and tracking hit, but also takes 25% more capacitor. The last bit alone should make you hate it. Use faction Multifrequency for virtually the same dps with none of the drawbacks.

Crystal Damage

Faction and T2 frequency crystals take damage as they are used. The relevant stats involved are:

Volatility: This is the chance per shot of the crystal suffering damage. Because CCP love to display things wrongly, the number displayed is not the actual percent chance, it is the probability chance (or, multiply the number by 100 to get the percent chance).

Volatility Damage: If the crystal takes damage on a shot, this is how much damage it takes.

Crystals Damage: This is probably how many HP the crystal has, but currently all faction/tech II crystals have this value at 1.

Faction crystals have a 100% chance per shot of taking 0.00025 HP damage. A faction crystal will always fail on the 4000th shot.

Tech II crystals have a 10% chance per shot of taking 0.01 HP damage. The average crystal will fail after 1000±95 shots, though they could fail as soon as 100 shots (extremely unlikely) or last longer than 1500 shots (slightly less unlikely). Expect your crystals to fail after 800 to 1200 shots. [1]

To see what shape your crystals are in, mouse over a crystal loaded in your guns to see how much damage it has taken. Once it accumulates a full 1 point of damage, it breaks, meaning you need a new one. Once damaged, crystals cannot be repaired, restacked, or put into an item exchange contract. You can work around the latter issue by contracting them as a courier and the recipient can just break the courier package. If you intend to sell them, just issue an impossible courier and set the price as the collateral.

Faction crystals DO NOT degrade if loaded into POS guns, but loading them is permanent so changing crystals or unanchoring the gun requires destroying the crystal.

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