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Hybrid Ammunition

All hybrid weapons do a mix of kinetic and thermal damage. All T1 hybrid charges have the same description: Consists of two components: a shell of titanium and a core of [ammo type] atoms suspended in plasma state. Railguns launch the shell directly, while particle blasters pump the plasma into a cyclotron and process the plasma into a bolt that is then fired.

Name Range EM (s,m,l,xl) EXP (s,m,l,xl) KIN (s,m,l,xl) THE (s,m,l,xl) Cap Need Other
Iron +60,0% 3,6,12,24 2,4,8,16 -30% -
Tungsten +40,0% 4,8,16,32 2,4,8,16 -27% -
Iridium +20,0% 4,8,16,32 3,6,12,24 -24% -
Lead 0% 5,10,20,40 3,6,12,24 -50% -
Thorium -12.5% 5,10,20,40 4,8,16,32 -40% -
Uranium -25,0% 6,12,24,48 4,8,16,32 -8% -
Plutonium -37.5% 6,12,24,48 5,10,20,40 -5% -
Antimatter -50,0% 7,14,28,56 5,10,20,40 0% -
Javelin (T2, Rail) -75% 6,12,24 8,16,32 +25% 1.25x tracking
Spike (T2, Rail) +80% 4,8,16 4,8,16 +0% .25x tracking
Null (T2, Blaster) +25% 5,10,20 6,12,24 +0% .75x tracking, +25% falloff
Void (T2, Blaster) -25% 7,14,24 7,14,28 +25% .75x tracking, -50% falloff


Not much to say about this. Lowest hybrid damage in exchange for range and lowered capacitor usage could make this charge acceptable if you're ghetto-sniping with T1 rails, or an acceptable substitute if you run out of Spike for your T2 rails and still want to be able to contribute damage while staying at range.


Slightly lower range and slightly better damage compared to iron charges, as well as a barely noticeable increase in capacitor usage. It might be useful in T2 rails as backup ammo if you can't find enough Spike or Iron, or a decent substitute for Iron in T1 rails if you don't mind the lowered range.


Decent upper-midrange hybrid ammo. 20% range bonus plus a -24% capacitor-per-shot bonus makes this useful if you find that Lead puts things just out of your reach, or if Iron and Tungsten do too little damage for closer ships.


Absolutely no range bonus, plus a 50% reduction in capacitor use per shot, equals a well-rounded charge for medium-range combat. It might also be a good choice if you find yourself running out of capacitor energy at the worst moments and don't mind a DPS reduction.


A bit of a bastard-child among hybrid ammo, Thorium offers slightly reduced range compared to Lead in exchange for more thermal damage and slightly higher capacitor cost. Like Lead, Thorium is fairly well-rounded as far as hybrid ammo goes, so don't be afraid to give it a shot if you can't find any Lead. Thorium is also a great choice for POS/station shooting, thanks to the low cap use (but still relatively high damage).


Uranium is where we start moving into the short-range charges. For the low low price of a 25% range penalty and an 8% reduction in capacitor use, you get decent damage and better range than Plutonium and Antimatter. Makes a nice third-string choice if you can't find Antimatter or Plutonium for decent prices.


Second to Antimatter in damage, Plutonium offers slightly better range and marginally lower capacitor usage for nearly the same damage. Plutonium is an acceptable alternative if the spacejews start fucking you with the price of Antimatter.


Second only to T2 blaster charges, antimatter packs the biggest whallop out of all the T1 ammo types at the expense of range and capacitor energy; Training Controlled Bursts is a good idea if you want to try and preserve your capacitor. It's what you'll most likely be using.


The Javelin charge consists of a cluster of Iridium Fletchets with a Graviton Pulse Detonator. This allows for much higher damage than can be achieved by a standard rail system. However, the inherent entropy of graviton pulses means that it is very hard to maintain accuracy at long range.

The short-range T2 railgun ammo. Sucks, because it further gimps your already-horrible tracking, uses 25% more capacitor to boot. Did I mention it sucks? Use antimatter.


The Spike munition package is designed to deliver huge damage to targets at extreme distances. It consists of a superdense plutonium sabot mounted on a small rocket unit that provides a substantial boost to the sabots impact velocity. However, the charge is next to useless at close range.

The long-range T2 railgun ammo. Provides the same damage as Lead with 80% additional range at the cost of a 75% hit to tracking, making this absolutely useless at hitting anything moving within 100km.


The Null is an improved version of the standard Thorium charge that possesses greatly improved molecular cohesion, resulting in superior range and reduced particle dissipation.

The long-range T2 blaster ammo. A lot of blasterboats will carry at least a few reloads of this, in case they get caught outside of falloff by a web. Does less damage than most charges, but you're shooting a blaster, what do you care? You still puke out more damage than damn near everything, and blasters track so well that the 25% penalty isn't really noticeable.


The Void Xenon charge is a high-powered blaster charge that delivers an extremely powerful blast of kinetic energy. However, it has several serious drawbacks, most notably the fact that it requires considerably more capacitor energy than any other blaster charge. It also needs to maintain a clean aim for a slightly longer time than normal.

Previously the terrifying god-king of ammo, but the T2 ammo nerf hit it rather badly. After a small hit to optimal range, you get a 50% reduction in both falloff range and tracking speed, plus a 25% increase in cap usage. Use antimatter.

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