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From the wiki: An Awoxing op is one where you burn a spy in a hostile corporation in order to provide warpins for a friendly gang to anyone who has standings to the spy, effectively scouting a system without your presence being shown in local. This can be done with a spy character that is no longer of use or already burned or with a character specifically created to setup one of these ops (Like a 3 day old stabber alt heh

Basically, you take a gang of fast BC/Cruisers/Frigates (having a falcon/blackbird setup to jam a single target helps if you're hitting a carrier specifically and to keep your scout alive in general) and have them sit one or two systems behind your spy character. The spy then searches for targets (bot ratters are excellent targets as they won't have warped out with all blues in local, the owner may be afk, and they may have expensive fittings/implants installed). Once he finds one he tackles it and provides a warpin for the gang, rinse and repeat.

This can cause a ridiculous amount of drama for the corp/alliance the spy character is in as it makes their recruiting practices look bad/causes diplomatic incidents/causes them to rethink who is in the corp (ie are there other spies etc)/and makes them have to suffer you trolling the shit out of them in corp chat once you're done.

To add insult to injury, as long as you're in space they can't kick you out of the corp (fit a cloak :toot:) so as long as you beat them at logging in after downtime you can do this indefinitely or until they get a fickle GM who doesn't like you (you can try bullshitting the GM a bit, asking for an escalation, making them have to move you so you don't lose your shit, etc etc use your imagination).

This was originally made popular by the character Awox from Pandemic Legion after Delve mk2 when we still had standings with them. Before he left with ElitistOps, penifSMASH ran these kind of ops on a regular basis with great success with Black Ops (their ship fittings and general play styles lend themselves the best to this as you may have to burn a significant amount of jumps from empire in order to meet up with your spy so it helps if you're already there).

You must post the porn after, so it is written (in the wiki) so it must be!

From Lin Xiao, of ARSED: Awoxing was invented by an ex-Goon (named Awox) who went over to PL a few years ago and started using alts who were blue to Goons to gank some ratters. The term didn't come into common use until after Goons lost Delve and ElitistOps made a habit of getting pilots into AAA Citizens in order to kill AAA ratters in Catch and Impass.

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