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Legacy State of the Coalition 2018-06-18

~~vily is speaking.~~

Alright guys, in case you haven't noticed we have successfully extracted from Providence and we are now moved back to U-Q. While we moved in, or moved back I should say, under the course of the past weekend, the hostile entities of Skill urself and v0lta moved into the solar system of Y-F in Immensea. On top of their movement into Immensea, we have intel that Fraternity will be staging into that system as well or in their new Keepstar in EIH. Obviously we have those entities moving into direct range of our allies in Immensea. We know for a fact that they will be supported by our standard enemies of Triumvirate, Red Menace, Lumpy, the entirety of the East effectively. We know that they have contacted Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition. for support. Obviously they're not gonna bring supers down to assist them but support nonetheless.

As such we have to treat this threat as the threat it is, which is a serious threat to our sovereignty in Immensea and by extension the rest of Legacy held space. The forces which they have are significant and they have just effectively come off a campaign where they used those forces to kill the Drone Region Federation.

As such, we felt the need to deploy a Keepstar in DY- in Immensea to shore up our defensive capability in that area, we deployed it yesterday, it comes out in 45 minutes. We did this for three reasons.

One; We did it to make a very clear statement of our intentions regarding this region and how we plan to defend. We did so to give ourselves the ability to actually defend it without putting ourselves at risk everytime we wanted to go into Immensea by using our fortizar. And most importantly we did it to restage the majority of the coalition to that Keepstar as soon as this op is done.

The control of Immensea that DY- will offer us is significant and it is extremely relevant, without those ranges we are looking at another midpoint to make any progress against Skill Urself and we will not be in a position to support our allies in the area.

We don't really have a choice in this, if we do not move here, Skill Urself, Hard Knocks, v0lta, TRI, Lumpy, Fraternity etc will slowly, day by day, kill. They will kill Yulai, they will kill Rezeda and they will kill Evictus. They will take the TIKLE sov, they will take the W4RP sov. They will carve Immensea out from us and at that point we have merely moved the borders from Immensea to Impass and Catch. And that's not something that we're interested in.

So we're gonna hard deploy to Immensea and we're gonna make … we're gonna put a line in the sand. We have no intentions to make this a nice war for them.

Ok, I can't remember what I was talking about so I'll just go back to the points we need to hit here.

So the DRF basically fed them a supercap kill a day for six months and there is no way to describe how effective that is in making the game fun for someone. And I hate to be the man to prescribe this remedy but the game will not be fun for this coalition fighting Legacy. We will not feed them. We will not encourage them to come. We will deliver them nothing but fucking death and boredom and blueballs. And if they want to stay here, they can fucking enjoy that dessert over and over again. I'm not gonna say we're gonna be perfect and never gonna feed cause I am sure some of your FCs will find a way to make it happen but our overriding principle that we will have while they're here is to fucking ruin their day, kill their shit, make living next to us uncomfortable. With that being said, just focus on being were you need to be, having the ships you need to have and showing up to fleets. We need Titans, supers, carriers, FAX, dreadnaughts, battleships, carriers, hictors, carriers and uh, recons and more carriers. Oh and did I mention Titans? We need it all! This war is gonna be, unfortunately, extremely interesting, I guess you could say. Our enemy is significantly more capable than any enemy we've faced in the last, uh, probably ever. They're significantly better than PL. And while they don't necessarily have the numbers or assets that PL had they definitely have a much more capable group of FCs and as such, especially with the supers they have on hand, there's definitely gonna be some tricky situations that we're gonna have to find a way to win through.

So it's war.

They're gonna say that, you know, we outnumber them ten to one and you know what? We're definitely gonna outnumber them in subs. Hopefully every frigging time. We don't outnumber them in caps by that much. We don't outnumber them by supers by that much or at all. And those things matter just as much as us outnumbering them in subs. So we need to be on the ball and we need to be ready to fight this. We drop this Keepstar, send a very clear message of what its gonna be like coming to Immensea and now its gonna be up to you and me and everybody else in this coalition to back that up. That's what going on right now. Progod here is gonna talk about some other stuff.

~~progodlegend is speaking.~~

So yeah guys, we've been preparing for a large super battle pretty much since we moved down here. We knew it would come eventually, it looks like and in the forseeable future we're gonna get to that point. So, you know, getting all the capitals in place like vily said is supercritical. Making sure that our fleet comps are tight is supercritical. Titans are supercritical. Legacy alliances, your alliance leaders and FCs have just been given the list of fleet comps we're gonna be running out of DY.

It is superimportant that we get that stuff imported and fielded quickly. We need to have tight fleet concepts cause, especially as far as subcap fleets. In large capital fights, subcap fleets just take losses cause Titans track so well and super fighters and fighter bombers are just extremely effective against subcapitals and you have area of effect doomsdays and projections and all that stuff. So having large fleets with small numbers of different types of ships and lots of each one of those types is very critical. Its why we have been compressing our fleet concepts more and more over the past six months. TEST, you're gonna be getting a post later today with some changes to our subcap fleet concepts. Minor changes, mostly the smaller ships. They're getting redone a little bit and obviously we're finishing up the muninn fleet concept. We're gonna be importing that stuff over the next two or three days and by the time we are set up in DY all of the fleet concept changes will be solidified and we except everyone to be fielding them with the proper fits, like they're supposed to so we can have maximized effectiveness in our subcap fleets. Which is our main advantage in this war. So be on the lookout for that.

During the XIX move op the forces aligned against us, which wasn't all of them at the time, fielded about eighty Titans and that was not necessarily a max form up for all of them. It is very likely we'll be up against a hundred Titans, I think.

Based on everything I've seen us do in the Providence deployment in the past couple of months I think we got a pretty good shot at it. I think it's gonna be a quite a interesting battle when it finally does happen. It's just “who's more prepared”. All these battles come down to who is more prepared. If you saw the XIX welp, it was pretty clear picture of what can happen if you're not prepared at all. But I think if we get everything into position, do what we've been talking about doing for months and months, run our doctrine the way we've been talking about for over a year now, I think we'll come out on top.

I think we got the numbers for it.

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