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TEST Culture

Perhaps the most remarkable qualities of Test Alliance Please Ignore is it's rich and vibrant culture. Years of history, scores of shitposters and an enthusiastic team of propaganda artists have kept TEST in the spotlight even at times when the alliance was struggling to remain relevant as a military power.

The Spirit of Test

Like any alliance, Test is home to a wide range of personalities, so it is difficult to define exactly what it is that makes Test TEST. Bittervets, griefers, narcissists, idealists, turbonerds, bronies, trekkies, powergamers, casuals, artgeeks all call TEST home and shit up the forums day and night with their drivel.

Notable Characters from TEST History

TEST State of the Alliance

Art & Propaganda

Since EVE Online is a bad game that is not very fun to play, quality alliances provide a steady stream of propaganda to motivate the membership and trick them into logging in to shoot citadels. TEST is not a very welcoming place for the type of nerd who actually enjoys spending his free time watching an HP bar slowly tick down to 0, so they've had to dial the propaganda up to 11 to get their ADHD-infested drones to stomach the experience.


Test really only has one rule.

Don't be a dick.

Breaking this rule may result in trials of ordeal (which are generally bad for you and amusing for everyone else)


Middle Management Dino - .png version

Middle Management Dino - Vector graphic

Logo History

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