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Slosh Op



A slosh op is the unholy union of a fleet operation and a drinking game. Fleet members keep a bottle or three of their favorite alcoholic beverage within easy reach, and there are generally silly things like Mumble karaoke, porn linked in fleet, etc.

Why should I go on a slosh op?

Because you like drinking and seeing your internet spaceship blow up hilariously. That, and perhaps you can get Raynaldo Rivera drunk enough to post more pictures of his sister.

What should I fly?

Anything and everything. Got a spare Badger? Fit a gun on that bitch! Have thirty Rifters? Get in one, hand the rest out like candy. Fuck, throw a target painter on your Vigil if you really want. Just be sure to 'keep it relatively cheap'. Don't fly anything you can't afford to immediately replace. If you lose your god damned Legion because you were making a quick run to the fridge to get more booze, you will be mocked.

What should I drink?

That's up to you, but if you choose some faggy beer like Miller High Life or Natural Light, you will be made fun of.

When do we drink?

That can change from op to op depending on who's FCing, who's backseat FCing, etc. Like any drinking game, it's highly variable. Drinks are commonly called when:

  • The fleet travels 50 AU
  • A ship blows up
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