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Sort Dragon

sortdragonavatar.jpg “I welcome the day my coalition dies” Sort Dragon, FanFest 2013

Sort Dragon is someone who has been around EVE for a long time and seen and done many things. Most of those things have been sucking up to people in power and backstabbing them once they're of no more use.

Sort Dragons largest moment of importance in the history of EVE was when Fras Siabi made him the leader of the Honey Badger Coalition as an attempt to split the power of the leader of TEST and the leadership of the coalition. This happened shortly after Montolio stood down as the leader of both TEST and the HBC and a rapid succession of leaders followed him until BoodaBooda took over TEST. He was uninterested in leading the HBC and wanted to focus on TEST and so a power vaccum opened for Sort Dragon.

Cue Fanfest 2013. In it a drunk progodlegend may or may not have said something offensive about Sort Dragons girlfriend and as a result, post-FanFest, Sort declared war on Nulli Secunda, the alliance that progodlegend were in the leadership of at the time. Sort Dragon quickly gave the HBC its marching orders and tried to force TEST, the largest alliance in HBC, to follow his orders. BoodaBooda were reluctant to do this and Sort told him to either do as told or get kicked from the coalition. Booda responded with pulling TEST out of the HBC, effectively meaning the end of the coalition.

Soon after the Fountain War happened. TEST and its allies found themselves hardpressed by the goons as the war raged on. Things weren't that bleak however until suddenly Sort Dragon backstabbed TEST against standing agreements and dropped the sov that Sorts alliance held in Fountain in favor of goons. It was one of the starting signals for things going poorly for TEST in that war.

Sort Dragon had his ups and downs following that period, most unrelated to TEST but found himself once more blue to TEST after the conclusion of World War Bee. TEST and Sort Dragons new coalition, Guardians of the Galaxy (GOTG), elected to keep their Money Badger Coalition standings and remain blue.

TEST had just settled into their new lands in Vale of the Silent and were also blue with their neighbours, Circle of Two, who lived in Tribute.

Then Pandemic Family (PanFam) invaded Tribute and the Tribute War of 2016 kicked off. TESTs honored blues, GOTG, chose to stay out of the war and not send any fleets up to support TEST. Sort Dragon was directly asked on reddit around this time if GOTG could be counted on to support their blues if it came to fight PanFam and this was his response:

“ Question: If we put up a Keepstar and Darkness comes to defend it and then PL comes to shoot it, will Darkness shoot us or them? ”

“Sort Dragon: PL. We are blue to test not to pl. ”

Shortly after this GOTG reset standings with TEST and sent fleets up to support Pandemic Horde in their taking of space from TEST and allies.

A day In the life of Sort Dragon

Sort Dragon at FanFest

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