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SkierX, Space Saviour of TEST

SkierX took over as alliance CEO after BoodaBooda stepped down post-Fountain War at 2013-09-30. At this point the alliance were dangerously close to failcascading and dwindling in numbers. SkierX led the alliance through this ordeal as TEST entered Faction Warfare by joining the Caldari milita in an effort to give focus and a chance to rebuild without being hounded by goons the whole way. TEST did this for a couple of months before SkierX led us to join Insidious Empire in their effort to invade Vale of the Silent which was held by mainly goon renters at the time. It went so so but SkierX managed to hold TEST afloat during these trying months in the desert and at 2014-11-29 he handed over the reigns to a still living and now growing TEST to Sapporo Jones as the new alliance leader.

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