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Dr Sajuukthanatoskhar PhD(WRT, Thesis Making) is the CEO of Row Row Fight the Power, AUTZ Diplomat and AUTZ Stratop FC EUTZ welfare cheat. He is a big defender of AUTZ Rights and fights on behalf of his timezone to ensure that their efforts and conditions are recognised by the otherwise unknowing US and EU timezones.

His list of accomplishments in EVE are

  • Being kicked from TEST Friends Please Ignore as a director of his corporation, then promptly joined TEST proper
  • Almost got kicked by MV because Superbeastie thought he was a spy but realised he 'was good people'
  • Caused Beffah to have plastic kittens by triaging his carrier on a TCU and kept it alive with 50 stealth bombers in system
  • Became AUTZ FC and Diplomat
  • Led GMT +10 Squad
  • Was the first Hictor on grid in Battle of Asakai and helped kill DaBigRedBoat's (Very Senior Goonswarm Fleet Commander) supers.
  • Kissed DaBigRedBoat's internet girlfriend (Laladria Moonsword), causing him major embarrassment
    • This, incidentally, caused the Fountain War, losing TEST its home
  • Promoted to Alliance Diplomat
  • Got kicked from MV because he wasn't going to step in as a diplomat between a major disagreement between TEST and MV
  • Joined TEST again and formed his own corporation with Skierx's blessing
  • Endorsed a public shipping scheme by a somewhat well known person in Alliance, only for it to be a scam and 80 billion was stolen, about 50 - 75 was returned due to some diplomacy
  • Got fired as Skirmish Comm for a switch and bait
  • Was involved in Freightergate
  • Got promoted back to Skirmish Comm for taking Catch in HERO
  • Lost TEST its home when moving into Wicked Creek
    • And lost the fleet too!
  • Championed Windrunner Tornados so much that EVE Wide AUTZ Event fleets specifically stated to not go into Wicked Creek as it was 'unfun'
  • Got fired as Diplomat
  • Get promoted as Diplomat, again
  • Get promoted to Stratop Command
  • Lost his Kronos to FERRA defending Esoteria :911:

He is the only FC capable of running Windrunner Tornados, as he came up with the doctrine. His other interests are making other doctrines that are lateral to the meta.

Here are his prized doctrines

Windrunner Tornados

Burster Scorp Doctrine

Elminster EWAR Frigate Doctrine

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