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Legacy Coalition

Members at time of disbanding

TEST Alliance Please Ignore [TEST]

Founding member

Brave Collective [BRAVE]

Joined in February 2017.

Requiem Eternal [REQ]

Founding member

The Watchmen. [TW]

Joined in August 2017.

Evictus. [IOU]

Joined in September 2017.

Warped Intentions [W4RP]

Joined in September 2017.

Rezeda Regnum [R-R]

Joined in February 2018.

Federation Uprising [FEDUP]

Joined in January 2019.

Already Replaced. [AARP.]

Joined in September 2019.


Joined in October 2019.

-7- Sev3rance

Joined in July 2020

Past Members

Circle of Two [CO2]

Founding member. Left the coalition on 24th Aug 2017.

Who Dares Wins. [-SAS-]

Founding member. Left the coalition in August 2017.

Yulai Federation [YF]

Joined in February 2018. Left the coalition in August 2018.

Boogeyman. [ANGST]

Joined in September 2017. Merged with other Legacy alliances September 2018.

Dangerous Voltage [DV]

Founding member. Left the coalition in late February 2019 to join the newly created Russian speaking Final Reunion (FI.RE) coalition.

Drone Walkers [WALKA]

Founding member. Closed down and left the coalition in March 2019. Most corps joined other Legacy alliances.

Tactical Supremacy [TIKLE]

Founding member. Left the coalition in November 2019.

Siberian Squads [SB-SQ]

Joined in February 2020. Left the coalition in Jan 2021, joined with goons against Legacy in Feb 2021 in WWB2.


Following the events of World War Bee, a loose group of blues settled in the northern parts of New Eden. These blues were made up by, among others, by TEST Alliance Please Ignore, Circle of Two, Drone Walkers and Requiem Eternal. No formal coalition existed and blue standings were primarily maintained as a matter of practicality. A short period of peace followed until one day when Northern Coalition and a number of their allies decided to invade Circle of Two's space. The Tribute War of 2016 is what followed. TEST and CO2 stood against the hordes of PanFam and the allies they managed to batphone to the war but ultimately, CO2s capital system and the Keepstar within fell.

With Tribute lost, TEST decided to move southwards. CO2, WALKA and REQ all followed.

Once south, these blues formed a temporary coalition with several other partners such as the Vanguard coalition, the Phoenix Federation coalition, Drone Region Federation, the alliances League of Master Aligned Pilots, Dangerous Voltage, Tactical Supremacy, Just Let it Happen and the mercenary alliance Mercenary Coalition. This coalition never had a official name but will be referred to here as the Stainfraggin' Coalition. The Stainfraggin' Coalition were formed for one purpose only - to evict the coalition Stainwagon from their homelands in the south and take their space. And so The Winter War of 2017 started.

Stainwagon and their allies in The Imperium found themselves on the losing side and The Winter War ended after a couple of months of fighting with the Stainfraggin' Coalition as the victors.

After the victory, the temporary mega-coalition Stainfraggin' Coalition dissolved and the blues that remained formed what was to be known as the Legacy Coalition. The space formerly occupied by Stainwagon was divided up between the founding members of Legacy.

Legacy space was made up by Paragon Soul, Esoteria (both owned by TEST), Impass (owned by CO2), Feythabolis (Shared by CO2 and the Drone Region Federation) and Catch. In 2017 the map looked as such: The Legacy held South.

Shortly after the founding of Legacy, Brave Collective settled into Catch after being harassed, per usual, by Pandemic Legion in their former home. BRAVE did this after being invited to join Legacy and would hopefully find a place to catch their breath and grow in strength.Further reading in the forum announcement.

Constant fighting occurred during the early days of Legacy, with sparring with neighboring Red Alliance, the remnants of Stainwagon being an annoyance as well and a deployment by Pandemic Legion that had to be dealt with.

Internal tensions occured as well within Legacy itself. CO2 and the other alliances were butting heads about diplomatic agreements and the direction of the coalition.

This culminated in August 2017 when the alliances of Legacy took a vote to eject CO2 from the coalition if CO2 could not be persuaded to find a workable compromise. All members of Legacy voted affirmative with the exception of BRAVE who abstained from voting. CO2 subsequently left the coalition. Further reading in the forum announcement.

This quickly spun into a Legacy civil war where CO2 fought against the other Legacy members as CO2 refused to vacate the Legacy space they held. PanFam and Triumvirate sensed blood in the water and lent support to CO2, while goons did the same albeit to instead punish CO2 for them leaving during World War Bee.

The war ended with CO2 suffering a crushing defeat when they were betrayed in Judgement Day where their staging Keepstar got flipped to goons by The Judge, a high ranking CO2 member who betrayed them and joined goons. The civil war was part of a larger low intensity war called the Blue Donut War, which was skill urself, Triumvirate and PanFam versus Legacy and to some extent, goons.

Following this, Legacy resettled the former CO2 held regions and began adding other small alliances to the coalition.

In the middle of 2018, the simmering conflict of the Blue Donut War erupted into a actual shooting war which involved PanFam moving their supercap fleet down to the South. This was the War with the North-Eastern Bloc which ended with the Battle of UALX-3 where the PanFam/Triumvirate supercap fleet got dunked on by Legacy and goons.

Two wars were fought with Fraternitys coalition; Winter Coalition. Both wars ended with Legacy victories, the final one ending with Victory East Day in September 2018, leading to Frat leaving the South and resettling in PanFam lands further up in the galactic north.

Legacy continued as a functional coalition, adding new members and seeing others leave over the years until after World War Bee 2 broke out in 2020. Legacy under the leadership of TEST fought well but after the loss of the war and the ensuing evacuation, Legacy officially disbanded 15/8 2021.

Over the past few years, Legacy has grown into a force worth fearing. This would not have been possible without the friends we have. It saddens me to say that the sun is setting on the Legacy Dynasty. Over the next few weeks, our friends will seek their own path amongst the stars. I want to thank them for their friendship and teamwork over the years. While our paths may be diverging today, they will almost certainly cross again. As standings change, I want you to treat these pilots with the respect you would give a member of TEST. They were our brothers in arms in many wars. Their effort and friendship deserve to be remembered fondly. #### SENT BY Tackly Tackleson to Info All @ 2021-08-15 02:59:37 EVE Time ####

State of the Coalition for Legacy

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