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Worthless Carebears

What we Expect from our Carebears

Because the success of the corporation, and in turn the alliance, is dependant upon the members of the corporation there are some expectations leveled upon the members. Some of these requirements are passed onto the corporation from the alliance while others are corporate originated.

  • Fleet participation: The alliance expects a minimum fleet participation per month; generally speaking a member should be flying two TEST fleets a week.
  • Maintain an active account: WCBR typically purges characters that have not been active for roughly three or more months. This is not a strict time frame but generally accurate.
  • Corporate/Alliance loyalty: There is an expectation of honesty and loyalty to your corporation and alliance. “Being a dick” or otherwise betrayal of an ally will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

‌More generally the corporation does not have any specific activity requirements. As noted above Carebears engage in all manner of industry and PVP. However Carebears must be able to operate in Nullsec and generate an independant income in order to finance their expected expenses.

Before Your Interview

Some steps in the application process must be done early before much progress can be made. Having these done before your interview will help expedite your application.

Before any other step is taken a candidate Carebear must navigate to the TEST Auth site, create an account and apply to the WCBR corporation as a guest.

Note that if you already have an auth account…



Click the link to visit the TEST Auth site to sign up and apply.

Remember to use your old AUTH account if you already have one!

During account creation you will be applying for “Test Alliance” not “Legacy Allies”.

If you haven't already, ensure that one of the HR Directors is aware of your application and interest by sending them a message on the WCBR Discord server

Current HR Directors include Eloisa Seraphina and Sidoen

WCBR Discord Server Invite

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