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Tr0pa de Elite.

Tr0pa de Elite. is one of the most notorious corps in EVE Online, heavily involved in politics and PVP with multiple alliances that shaped the history and the map of this game, from controlling huge rental empires and spearheading deployments against enemies to conquering regions as a single corp and participating in almost all of the bloodiest fights this game has seen plus making an gold impact to EVE Tournaments like Alliance Tournament and bronze New Eden Open. The corp has been around and has done this all - twofold.

We are a laid back group and we consider pilots family, we are too old in-game and real life to deal with bullshit drama and we come from many different countries and cultures, so drama queens and disrespectful people are the only ones that aren't welcome.

We seek active individuals that have something to offer other than F1, be it usefulness in game by doing various stuff for the corp/alliance or contributing to our community out of game.

You will not find a single ex-member that will tell you that he has been treated badly by this corp.

We are a EUTZ/USTZ timezoned corp.

What we require

  • Laidback attitude but able to take some flak.
  • Full compliance to security issues (ESI etc.)
  • Working microphone
  • Ability to fly the majority of doctrines.
  • Ambition to fly and own supercapital assets

What we offer

  • Fleets fleets and more fleets, on everything, whether it is mining, pveing or pvping you don't have to work alone again there will be a fleet with corpmates to help you, so PVP on all scales, corp likes to blops/roam whereas alliance likes to swing its capital dong around.
  • PVE-ing under a big supercapital umbrella.
  • PVE-ing in one of the best regions eve has to offer.
  • Every service you need (JFs, links, etc.)
  • Capital and supercapital programs.

Join our public channel in game BOPE Army or poke us in our recruitment discord

Link to our recruitment discord BOPE. Discord

Link to our YouTube channel BOPE. YouTube

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