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The Suicide Kings

If you enjoy shitposting and casual conversation about dicks while flying around space, TSK is the corporation for you. The Suicide Kings are primarily a small gang PVP corporation with a large diversity of pilots across all time zones.

Corp Leadership


  • Thallius O'Quinn
  • Red Outamon


  • Unmada, Finance Director (Emeritus)
  • Andrew Cornwallis, Director of Hypothetical Operations
  • Leafler, Corp Diplo
  • Goiliath, Head of HR
  • Jon Hun, Director of Hyperthetical Operations

Noteworthy Staff:

  • BadassKitty, soon to be freed
  • Groo Nordic, the Jew
  • Flechet, yogurt dealing goat peddler
  • Lemmy Lant, Director of Direction

Corp History

The Great Wildlands

TSK was formed in late 2006 in the Great Wildlands region as a small pvp corp under the leadership of TrojanFresh. In early 2007 TSK joined Foundati0n and helped in the several NPC space wars including fights against Red Alliance, COW (Cult of War), and Gentleman's Club. After some internal drama brewed that lead to the eventual collapse of Foundati0n, TSK joined up with a few other corps to form True Reign. Shortly after, respected CEO of TSK TrojanFresh, turned the reigns over to Draesun.

Wildlands and Beyond

From here True Reign split off from the other alliances in GW to make a stab at taking sov for the first time. Right about when this decision was made, the majority of the Russian alliances including RA, xXDeathXx, and White Noise invaded Atlas space. Eying an opportunity, True Reign approached the Russians and came to a deal to help with the removal of Atlas in exchange for +5 standings. True Reign mainly worked with White Noise throughout the war, and the assault was a success. True Reign ended up taking space in Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek with its home base being in FYD in Scalding.

We had our first run in with TEST alliance at this time as well. Shortly before the war, a corp named Dreddit was hanging around in the Great Wildlands doing anything they could to get some kills. Montolio and then alliance leader Duck D0gers could not work out an agreement for blue standings because Dreddit refused to follow NRDS rules of engagement. TSK CEO Draesun kept up contact with Montolio anyway which would come into play in the near future. Around a month later, TEST Alliance was officially formed, and was on the war path helping to “free” alliances from their masters through firepower. TEST ended up helping True Reign take their first sov system and station in FYD in Scalding.

Leaving True Reign

With Atlas removed, things slowed down, True Reign settled down in its new systems. But of course as RA is famous for, they came knocking one day saying its time to pay rent or move out. Then alliance chief diplo Draesun held the Russians off while he worked on other options for the alliance with their impending removal on the horizon. A deal was struck with White Noise- continue to help them, and they would hand us half of a region to call our own, sounded perfect. Through some sort of insanity, alliance leader Duck D0gers decided it would be a more worthwhile idea to defend our few systems against RA. The majority of the alliance including Draesun saw this as crazy. Drae went to his directors, said he had a contact in TEST, and it was probably time to gtfo of True Reign before the world burned down around them. Montolio was contacted, and within 2 weeks TSK was moved out and in TEST Alliance.

Leaving TEST for Goonswarm and Coming Home Again

In August 2012 TSK left TEST to join Goonswarm Federation. After a short two month stint and “accidentally” being kicked from Goonswarm for a week, the general membership of both TSK and GSF were in agreement that TEST was where the corp belonged. TSK rejoined TEST at the end of October 2012, where they will remain as loyal GOON SPIES to the bitter end.

It's good to be home.

So yeah then Fountain happened, we shit that shit the fuck up for a while then test went to shit so we left.

We joined EMP, and fragged a fuckoff bunch of caps with some gay choobs, that shit fell apart so we gayed it up with ex-homeboys in fountain, fragged a bunch of choobs there including Li3 alliance, a group of absolute fucking trash pilots, then joined BL. From BL we attended school at Elo Knight's school of how to not FC supers but learned dreads 101. We fragged a bunch of shitters in BL but mostly focused on goons and PL. After that we fucked up Brave some in fountain for some fucking reason because Phoebe made this game fucking shit and you can't move around and drop fuccbois anymore so you know, that sucks.

We fragged some goonie tits in fountain too, which was cool.

Then we joined TISHU cause where the fuck else would we go, DIX were there and bros, and lex is a good dude. We uh, dropped supers on everything and mostly went inactive till we accidentally toppled the goon, which honestly we'd been working on for fucking years at that point. Once goon was dead kinda nothing left for us to do so we hibernated till TISHU imploded from being autistic fuckheads and then we were basically like OK we've spent years not joining PL so fuck that also we're trash, CO2 is trash, what we gonna join TRI like some fucking euros? Nah. So we joined test because honestly we missed TEST and we saw you form 90 dreads but not know what the fuck to do with them so yeah that math adds up.

If you read this far, you're gay.

Join TSK if you're actually OK with becoming better at the game and aren't an annoying cunt. Also have a dread ffs, its 201X just inject that shit you fucking plebeian.

Holy Fuck, who let Bug write shit on here? And why did I say yes when asked if I'd be the new CEO? FML

It is now 2019 and we are the #1 komodo corporation in eve online.

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