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The Soul Society

The Soul Society
Recruiting for a bunch of stuff
Alive and Kicking Since 2008
Drama Free
24/7 Activity
Multi Country Corporation
Real Life Comes First

20mil skill point minimum required.

What we do:

Null sec PVE complex running.
Null sec PVP and SOV warfare.
Alliance Fleets Everyday
Daily Mining
Capital Manufacturing
Planetary Interaction
Free To Explore
Basically we offer alot. We have upgraded SOV, and upgraded citadels for everyone in corp, Also You will have access to any form of ISK grinding that you want and you will have access to fleets every day, several times a day. If you are interested in leading fleets and you have proven ability we will support you in that.

What were looking for:

FC’s That know What the F they are doing.
Looking for smart pilots who can do more than shoot. We want combat pilots who understand industry and are self sufficient and smart on their own as well as great in a group.
Pilots willing to help new bros.
We strongly encourage PVP content to well round your toon and our corp.
Industrialists willing to help build things.
Null sec veterans and newbros to fill our numbers on the front lines.
We have many veteran pilots who help with all aspects of training in EVE and regularly take newbies out in complexes missions.
Communication Friendly
Willing to be on voice comms when online

What we offer:

Ore purchasing
Labs with a crap ton of BPOs
Citadel Access
Alliance and coalition fleet doctrine SRP
Free Procurer and Procurer Replacement
Discord Services
Voice comms
Alliance Jump Freighter Service
Full Rorqual Boosting for Ice/Ore
Ability to be Self-Sufficient
The gang have been around for a long time and have played all aspects of the game. We know the ins and outs. If you are new to the game this is a great spot for you to learn from hardened veterans of null sec Sov warfare, Industrial tycoons who can help you succeed in any avenue of the game; for vets and bittervets this can be a home free of harassment and hassle from inexperienced leadership, complete with all of the technical backbone that makes a corporation and alliance successful in EVE.

Join our public discord channel and say hello.
Server Invite Link:

Our Public Recruitment in game chat is “TSSOC Recruitment”.

20 000 000 skill point minimum required.

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