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Row Row Fight the Power

Who we are:

Row Row Fight the Power [TRYRM] is the premiere active AUTZ Corp in TEST Alliance with a EU/US base.

We have an active member base, and although our prime time is AUTZ, Corp members are often on 23/7 as we suit shift workers and odd schedules from around the world.Our focus is nullsec PvP, with active roles in Alliance Strategic Operations as well as small gang roams when things are quiet.

We are a member of TEST Alliance, and have been involved in some of EvE’s most exciting wars and history:

  • World War Bee against Goonswarm
  • The Tribute War against the entirety of Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition and their assorted Allies
  • The Southern War against the Stain Wagon Alliance and Goonswarm
  • The Stain Campaign, in which we dismantled and destroyed Stainwagon - one of the longest standing alliances in the game
  • The War in Catch, a series of non-stop and ongoing skirmishes against Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition in Catch, making it the most active PVP region in the game
  • The War in the north, in which TEST Alliance deployed by itself to generate content and fight against the Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition, and once again, Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition. We would be later joined by Goonswarm
  • War against Fraternity in the south, the relatively recent refugees from the Serenity server, moved into a region nearby and attempted to invade our space. We said no ty.
  • Providence Faction Citadel drive, we are currently deployed in Providence against Pandemic Legion to conquer their NPC stations before they transfer to Faction Citadels in the near future.

Being part of TEST Alliance gives us the opportunity to be involved in every major nullsec war in some fashion. Being originally reddit based, it also allows you to experience the latest in dank memes if you’re into that too.

What we offer:

  • Alliance PvP, bloc warfare and fleet engagements of all sizes as well as small gang content
  • An in-house ship reimbursement programme in addition to the TEST Alliance SRP.
  • A wide range of experience and skill levels in the Corp from New-Bros to Alliance level FC’s.
  • Industry, mining (including corp moons) and ratting in TEST space
  • Access to TEST Alliance space and infrastructure

What we ask of you:

  • No skillpoint requirements
  • Mumble and Discord
  • ESI key
  • A bloodthirst for PvP
  • And be active and social !
  • A working microphone
  • New recruits will be on probation for 30 days.

Where do I sign up?

  • Come chat with us in our public channel 'TRYRM Public'
  • Join our Discord server:
  • Talk directly our friendly HR / Recruitment Team - Chain Deepwood
  • Follow the Wiki's instructions, and JOIN TEST TODAY!

For our new members: Welcome to TRYRM the premiere Australian corporation of TEST

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