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Infinite Oblivion [INFOB]

Public Recruitment

  • The Infinite Oblivion is currently accepting applications, looking for active pvp-focused pilots, as well and those willing to learn pvp and integrate themselves in the corp and alliance. TEST Alliance Please Ignore along with Legacy coalition, has been on the forefront of the most exciting content in Eve for years. By joining INFOB you gain access to some of the best content New Eden has to offer.

Corp History

  • The Infinite Oblivion was founded 2017.08.21 by Rakkin, Drdaedalus Njursparkare and High Queen. We have been playing together since early 2017 when we were part of a high-sec mining corp. We got our first taste of null sec when we joined up with the new Lord of Worlds Alliance, at the time a member of Phoenix Federation. We were small fish, but we performed well learning industry and participating in small-gang pvp. This eventually led us to joining Legacy alliance Requiem Eternal. Here we continued to hone our skills, gaining more experience with entosis warfare and squaring off against Red Alliance when they invaded catch. Now we'll save the details, but at this point there was a bit of drama with our old CEO and the three of us broke away to form The Infinite Oblivion. Our numbers grew quickly and we continued to fly with Requiem as they moved to take space in Impass. With a budding membership base our corp found itself becoming move pvp focused. We began looking for a more combat-focused alliance to help shape us into the spaceship breaking nerds we were meant to be. So a vote was had, inactives were kicked and we all got dinosaur tattoos. Not really but you get the picture. We now saddle up on the daily with our Test brothers to bash PL, NC, Tri, Red and dozens of other enemies as part of an NBSI alliance

Corporation Culture

  • We strive to be helpful to all of our members both in corporation and alliance. We do a lot of different things in the corporation, (pvp being our primary focus) but also mining, production and other isk-making ventures. We strive to be quite layed back (do not read: “Hey, I can sit and krab away as much as I want”) but still serious. We want all of our pilots to strive to be the best and enjoy pvp.

How to contact

  • Join in-game channel: INFOBOB or mail one of the directors listed above.
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