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[S4LT.] Recruitment is OPEN!!!

S4LT. is a small corporation in Test Alliance Please Ignore that focuses on alliance fleet participation and making fuel blocks to provide to the alliance. We are a small group of people that work hard as a team to make goals and set new ones to keep us moving forward as a corporation.

S4LT. is the corporation for you if you wanna go where everybody knows your name.

What S4LT. offers:

  1. Small corp feel and big Alliance backing
  2. Monthly corp goals and objectives
  3. ORE, ICE, and PI buyback programs
  4. Null Sec opportunities: ratting, mining, exploration, and large fleet fights
  5. Help getting into Alliance fleet comps

What S4LT. Requires:

  1. 30 Mil Skill Points
  2. Must have enough isk to buy doctrine ships (5 Billion isk)
  3. Trained to fly an interceptor, Hurricane, Maelstrom, and Rokh
  4. Trained to fly a shield Fax
  5. Have more than one Omega account
  6. One of which is more than 6 months old
  7. Communication on Mumble, Jabber, and Discord
  8. Have a working Mic

What S4LT. Expects of its members:

  1. Fleet participation
  2. Active on the forums
  3. Go on Alliance Deployments
  4. Have all required fleet comps alliance stagings systems
  5. INTEGRATE, with this corp and others in the alliance.
  6. Financially independent (knows how or has the means to make their own isk)
  7. Help out with PI and ice mining when asked for.

If you would like to be useful and a part of something bigger Join S4LT. today.

Contact: CEO- Titus Cole Dooley CFO- Everlasting Hurricane Directors- AlphaWing & Barin Falconer

In game recruitment channel: S4LT. Recruitment Hub

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