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Dreddit has a few rules guiding recommendations to stop abuse and misuse.

  • You must have been a Dreddit member in order to recommend people.
  • If you initially joined Dreddit through a recommendation or through Arts and Crafts, you must have a reddit account that meets our entry requirements.
  • Recommendations should only be given to trusted friends.
  • While we don't place a hard limit on recommendations, we ask not to recommend lots of people in a short period of time.
  • No ISK/RMT transfer should take place to gain a recommendation.

If these rules are not followed then a few things may happen.

All recommendations are linked forever, your account and the person you recommended will be linked permanently. If they turn out to be a spy or a massive dick bag then your membership in the corporation may also be at risk.

Recommending random people is a sure-fire way to have the directorship pissed at you. Taking ISK/RMT for a recommendation is strictly banned and will end in expulsion from the corporation.

How to

  • Have your friend create an application, following all the steps.
  • Sign into the Auth System, click on the HR tab and “Add Recommendation”
  • From the form that pops up, select the character you wish to recommend with, and whose application you wish to recommend
  • Click “Add Recommendation” and you're done.
  • The person applying then submits their application
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