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Middle Management Dino

The Story


who designed the logo?

I did.

MMD was a bit of a fluke actually. Some dude posted on /r/dreddit that he was an artist and wanted to make something for the alliance so I figured I'd feed him an idea for a killboard banner. I whipped this up and told him to flesh it out. The outline got a really big response in the thread.

This was around the time we were trying to choose an official alliance logo. I had already attempted submitting this but the overall response to that was tepid. Someone must have noticed that I attempted to make a logo and was capable of doing better, because I was approached by Montolio to make a logo that looked like the dino in the killboard draft.
Having recently graduated from art school I built a logo that satisfied all the conditions of a good logo in the CONTEXT of a spaceship alliance. Unlike other more popular submissions it had to contrast with the EVE skyboxes, had to be legible at all scales, had to be recognizable in silhouette, had to be neutral to any single corp, and it had to be clean. The logo wasn't well received by many who wanted a more nostalgic icon, but just the right number of officers must have seen it for the potential it had to make Test look like a successful business. Since it was submitted in secret between myself and the officers it won an internal vote which came as a shock to everyone who had voted in the public polls when it was revealed.

The negative backlash was sudden and many accusations of heresy were made. In the end became the only alliance in the game with a custom logo that could be manipulated into any graphic we needed, and wouldn't look out of place embroidered on a new line of Nike sneakers.

- Hikury

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