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Dreddit FAQ

Is there an SP requirement?

Absolutely not! We take both seasoned, hardcore players and new players who have just started their Alpha account!

So I don't have to be a subscriber to join Dreddit?

Of course not. We will accept new players on Alpha accounts.

Is there an hours/week requirement?

Absolutely not. If you can only afford to spend an hour a week (or less!) in the game, there will be things for you to do and ways for you to help!

Are there mandatory ops?

Dreddit and our alliance TEST, do not have mandatory ops. We will never force you to get up at stupid-o-clock in the morning to hit a POS, or set the corporation tax to 100% during fleet ops. We strongly urge you to come on strategic fleet operations and support the alliance in any way possible, but it is no way a forced order.

Reddit and TEST thrive from the participation of its members, either by PvP operations or joining in our large community of fellow gamers and “interesting” people. While we don't mind if you don't want to PvP we generally dislike people who shy away from anything in the alliance to just use our space for mining/ratting. After all Dreddit/TEST are a community, so don't be a outsider.

I like doing X, Y or Z, does Dreddit need pilots like me?


What about...

Yes. Really! The only requirement is that you login and have fun.

I've heard Dreddit isn't like Reddit at all, whats the deal?

Dreddit/TEST is like any other major community or group, it has its movers and shakers, some more outspoken than the others. To quote Fosnez on this:

Reddit is a community Dreddit a guild. In reddit, everyone (shy the Mods) have the same voice. In Dreddit, people with power / money have a louder voice / bigger stick. It's fitting that EVE's guilds are called corporations, because similar happens in the real world in corporations…

Dreddit/TEST is not for everyone, we've had many complaints of people getting offended at some comments people have made, you have to remember that we're a large corporation of four thousand members, you will hate at least one or two people.

Living with Dreddit

How do I make money?

There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to moneymaking in EVE! While there are many isk making opportunities for newbros and veteran players your best option to become space rich is faction warfare. Pilots of any skill level can fatten their wallets by running Faction Warfare Missions.

How do I get to 0.0?

The easiest way for a new player to get to our nullsec home stations is to podjump. Basically, this means moving your medical clone to one of our 0.0 stations (which you can do from ANY station with a medical bay!) and self destructing your pod. You will wake up wherever you moved your medical clone, in this case you will wake up in one of our stations.

How do I get STUFF to 0.0?

For new pilots, the safest way to transport your things to our home systems is via a Jump Freighter service. We have multiple available services for you to take advantage of, all easily located in our Services Offered and External Services forum boards. Just get your assets to the Planet 4 Moon 4 Caldari Navy station in the Jita system. Note that highsec griefer corps make Jita and the surrounding systems VERY dangerous for Dreddit members, you may want to move items to Jita before joining. If you are a risk-taker, or an experienced player, you might want to try flying your own things manually. If you have never flown in 0.0 space before, we HIGHLY discourage doing this, but if you do want to know how any mentor would be happy to help you through the process.

SHOULD I bring my stuff to 0.0?

That depends. If you're a pretty new player and don't have much stuff (let's say, up to 50-100M isk's worth), it's probably not worth it - just sell everything and get what you need in 0.0. It may be a bit more expensive, but you can also make a lot more money. If you've been playing for a while and have expensive ships in highsec but have never been to nullsec, DON'T bring them with you. Leave them where they are, and get used to nullsec by flying cheaper ships. Once you're comfortable in 0.0 you can decide what to do with the stuff you left in highsec. If you're an experienced nullsec player, you probably don't need this FAQ.

What's a jump clone and why should I have one?

A Jump Clone is basically a spare body that you leave in a station. At any time you can activate this body, and your consciousness will be flung across the galaxy into the clone. This basically means instantaneous travel between two locations, but without bringing anything with you. Jump Clones can also be used to store sets of implants. Since implants are lost when your pod dies, it is very common for players to have implant-holding clones and pvp clones with no (or with specific) implants that they don't mind losing. Instantaneous travel also means that you can almost be in two places at once. Is there a fight starting halfway across the galaxy, and you have a jump clone nearby? Just clone jump, pick up a ship, and get in the fight! Note there is a 24 hour cooldown between clone jumps.

The number of jump clones you are allowed to create is affected by the Infomorph Psychology and Advanced Infomorph Psychology skills. Each level increases the number of clones you can have by 1, for a maximum of 10 clones.

The cooldown between jump clones is reduced by 1 hour for each level of Infomorph Synchronizing that you have trained.

As a member of Dreddit, you should currently have jump clones in the following locations:

  1. D-P Keepstar - Primary TEST staging
  2. U-Q Fortizar - Northern Catch outpost, clones here allow us to help defend our allies!
  3. Hisec School System - Pick a school system, anywhere, and jump here whenever you need skills. Caution: Make sure you don't have any fleets coming up before you jump away!
  4. Sometimes we have other staging systems for stratops. You can always check on the forums to see if you should have clones in other places.

High-sec alt? What's that for?

As mentioned before, highsec space is very dangerous for Dreddit members. We have almost constantly active wars declared on us by highsec griefer corps, and we do not have a population in highsec to fend them off. A non-Dreddit alt that stays in highsec can be very useful for buying items and setting up shipping contracts, or scouting highsec systems for your Dreddit character. Very many Dreddit members have neutral alts we use to buy items and get them shipped to our nullsec home.

What can I do to help the corp? (ships, skills, etc)

There are endless ways to help the corp. As a brand new character, we ask that you start PVP'ing in an easy-to-skill tackle frigate and get used to combat. Once you're comfortable in our home, you can consider helping out our various alliance programs, such as the Mentor program or the Logistics division. If you would rather stick to combat, we currently have a set fleet doctrine that any mentor would be happy to teach you about, and a convenient skill training plan to help you get into the preferred ships.

If you are an experienced pilot, our main fleet ships are currently Rokhs, Scorpions, Scimitars, Drakes and sometimes Maelstroms - if you can fly one of these, you will be an even stronger asset to our combat fleets.

Sign up for the forums, Jabber, and Mumble, and you'll get a good idea for what's needed at any given time. Besides, just staying informed and knowing what's going on is of great help - we live and die by our ability to communicate.

I'm a x day old newbie, how can I be helpful in 0.0?

Anyone can be useful in Nullsec, just because you can't fly the biggest, most expensive ship in the game doesn't mean you can't get involved. A prime example is one of our pilots Aceites, who during his first month was able to assist a fleet in getting an expensive kill. You can do many useful things even with the free frigates we hand out - report hostiles in intel channels, join fleets and act as scout or tackler, etc.

I'm a x day old newbie, can someone show me the ropes?

Dreddit runs a Mentor program, where you can apply for a mentor to be assigned to you. However mentors are volounteers and may be short in stock/overworked but we take pains to make sure that everyone gets one if they want it.

More About Applying to Dreddit

If you are a "Lurker"

Voting history is no-longer a measure of Reddit activity. If you are a “Lurker” and have a reddit account that just barely meets the requirements to get in, recent comments/submissions are the only way for us to check you are actually a Redditor.

Alt Invites

Do not submit applications for all your alts. This is very annoying. If you do not have at least one member in TEST do not submit alt applications. Apply with your main and then once you are in you can shit up the queue with lots of alt apps.

Don't: Shit up the queue with alts when you aren't already a member of TEST. Do: Add the api of alt accounts and wait till you get into Dreddit to submit applications for all your alts.

Meeting Requirements

Do not submit applications if you don't meet the requirements. You might laugh at this, we get some apps with messages like “oh, I don't meet the minimum requirements but I'm a coolbro and really want to get in, hope this is ok”. Sorry, but no. Requirements are requirements. They aren't up for negotiation unless they have been approved by a director.

In-game apps

Please for the sake of this bag of kittens I have ready to throw into a river, make sure you DO NOT submit an in-game application along with the Auth app. Apply to Dreddit after receiving an acceptance letter in Auth.

Those with roles in current corp

Try to drop roles and have the in-game app ready to accept. Don't worry, we won't get :mad: about this. You may be in the position of wanting to stay in your current corp if you don't manage to get accepted, which is cool. But if you are going to leave that terrible high sec pubbie corp anyway, you may as well prepare and get those roles dropped. Saves waiting in the application queue for an extra 24 hours.

Auth Message Feature

Sometimes you are asked to change or update something. You probably got a message from a specific HR drone when replying to them that you fixed it, try to also add the message to your app. That way you don't have to wait for that specific HR guy to sort it out. The next person who checks your app can see you have updated it.

If you are docked in Jita

Don't be docked in Jita 4-4 while you have an application open. If you get accepted while you're in Jita 4-4, kiss your ass goodbye. We are constantly at war with terrible “pvp” high sec corps who do nothing but camp the Jita undock. Set your medical clone for nullsec and get a free pod express.

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