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DeadMan's Squad

DMSQD is Selectively Recruiting Active Pilots to join our ranks!

What We Offer

  • *Good USTZ Core
  • *Small Gang Warfare
  • *Blops
  • *Capital Warfare
  • *Excellent Space
  • *Alliance Level Warfare
  • *Newbro Training Program

What we Require:

  • *Active Fleet Participation.
  • *Be on TS3 with a working Mic. (If you do not like socializing in corp, then save us the trouble and apply elsewhere)
  • *Willing To train Corp Fleet Comps.
  • *Must have Discord to Recieve pings.
  • *Full Api keys.


  • Capital Alts (Dread/Faxes)

How to join us.

For you to join you will need to add your full api on the TEST auth. We require you to pull all of your api even the account you do not look to join us with. To put you api you can either follow this guide : The important part will be copy/pasted down here. Though if you run into issue they have step to help you out of them.

Steps to Creating an Auth Account

  • Click the “Sign Up” link.
  • Enter all of your information. The email address must be a valid one and the username cannot have spaces or underscores.
  • Click submit and the auth will ask for you to validate your email.
  • Check your email, there will be a link that you'll need to click to get validated.
  • Log in to your account through the login form on the landing page.

Adding Your API Key

In order to get access to Test Services you have to link your Eve Online character(s) to your Auth account so that we can see that you are a member of Test or an ally. This is done through an API Key provided by CCP.

  • Go to your Profile Screen in Auth.
  • Click the Add a Eve API key link in the EVE API Keys tab.
  • Open a new window/tab and go to
  • On the site, login with your usual Eve login details.
  • Click this link which will take you to the API creation page with all the required components already ticked.
  • Give the key a name (like “TEST Auth”)
  • MAKE SURE TO SELECT “ALL” IN THE Character: BOX!!! (even if you only have one character)
  • Set it to No Expiry, otherwise you will lose access to Test services when the API key expires
  • Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page, your API key is created
  • Copy the ID and Verification Code from the key you have just created.
  • Switch back to Auth and paste the ID and Verification Code into auth.
  • Submit the form and wait, Auth will add your key to your account either straight away or after a few minutes, depending on the current queue.

Apply to the Corp

  • Go to your Profile Screen in Auth.
  • Go on HR
  • Click on New Application.
  • Select your main Character you want to apply with.
  • Select DeadMan's Squad in the list (You will have to scroll)
  • Hit Create Application
  • Click Submit Application
  • Come tell us you put an application via the in game chan 'DMSQD' or on Discord
  • Make sure your Discord nickname is the same as your main in game. (VERY IMPORTANT)

If you need more information or want to talk with us join us in game 'DMSQD' chan or on Dicord

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