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Timezone: AU

CLOUD TEMPLE (DSLA) is a PVP focused NullSec Corp, with speaking Korean. our corp's newbie friendly but We recruit only those who have the will to battle. and also We are doing our own (Eng → Kor) translation service. So if you are Korean who didn't speak english it's fine.

What is available?

  • Small ~ Large PVP : Acutally we love roam or 20 below fleet but alliance Operation first.
  • Capitals : we encourage to board capitals for our memeber (1 pilot 1 capital.) DRD > FAX > Carrier
  • Ratting, Mining : You can only do ratting, mining in our Alliance Area.
  • Vacation board : when you have problem in real life use it

What we want?

  • We want for a culture of mutual respect.
  • Omega Pilot Only.
  • 5 Main doctrine First.
  • To the extent that it does not affect real life, a member must join the OP or Roaming for 10 hours or 50kills in month. Exclude those who are working in leadership or diplomacy at the Corporation or Alliance.

Recruit Program

For beginners, we offer three kinds of education.

  1. Nullsec basic training.
  2. Ratting basic training.
  3. Fleat, Alliance Operation basic training.


CEO: SwampOfHope

Sub-CEO: Tiger Lylly, sojo hanzan

Directors: ravaenee Enaka, Oral B Siesta, BJ HACK, Sado Rin

Recruiters: Jin Hong, jun Shana, ravaenee enaka, kisoonkim, nail

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