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한글 소개글과 리크루터 (Korean Introduction and Recruiter)

Timezone: AU

CLOUD TEMPLE (DSLA) is Korean speaking corporation. We are newbie friendly, but we recruit only those who have will to battle.

What is available?

  • Small ~ Large PVP : Alliance Operation has priority.
  • Capitals : We encourage members to board on capitals. Dread > FAX > Carrier
  • SRP. Ship replacement service supported by alliance and corporation.
  • Ratting, Mining, Exploration : follow alliance rules and etiquette.
  • English <→ Korean translation service
  • Infrastructures for production

What we want?

  • Respectful and mature people
  • Omega pilot.
  • Minimum SP for null-sec life (about 2~3 weeks training is needed)
  • Voice chat set up (Discord)


Recruit Program

For beginners, we offer three basic educations.

  • Null-sec basic training.
  • Ratting basic training.
  • Fleet, Alliance Operation basic training.


CEO: Jin Hong

Directors: Jin Hong

Recruiters: Jin Hong

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